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I’ll Do it Tomorrow

Bongo playing with a friendI was getting ready to put on my Detective Dog hat and investigate those weird animals.

You know, the ones my person keeps talking about that for some reason are taking all her time from helping me with my blog.

But just as I went for my hat there was a knock on the door.

Knocks on the door are always exciting.

It means there’s a person on the other side.

And it was one of my friends.

He said he came to see Gizmo because Gizmo used to live with him.

But I know different.

He was looking for an excuse to come see me.


Bongo and a friend playing tug o war

I’m all worn out now.

I’ll investigate those weird animals tomorrow.


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The Best Day Ever!

Bongo looking at his tennis ball under wooden train tracksToday was the best day ever!

Well, it was almost the best day.

My little buddy came over to visit me.

At first we had kind of a misunderstanding.

He built his tracks right on top of my ball.

How am I supposed to play with my ball if there are train tracks running over it?



But I took care of the problem.

Bongo on the train tracks while his buddy looks astonished

After that my little buddy decided he didn’t need to play with those tracks any more.

Because I’m more fun.

Bongo and his buddy playing tug o war

We had a great time playing Tug o war.

Bongo bringing the tug o war toy to his buddy

Especially since I won.


Bongo on top of his buddy

Winner takes all!


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The Dog Park

Sedona Dog ParkToday my person and I got in the car and we started driving the way we go to the vet. I like the vet because they give me lots of loves and treats so I was excited.

But then my person did something strange.

Hey, person. You took a wrong turn. The vet’s that way.

What? We’re not going to the vet?

I was really bummed until we got out of the car. There were lots of dog smells there.

Come on person, let’s go. Where are we anyway?

This is a dog park? They have parks for dogs? You never told me that before.

What? I’m finally starting to be nice to all the other dogs on my trails so you thought you’d let me come? What do you mean finally starting to? I’m always nice.

I couldn’t believe it when my person took off my leash. I found so many places to check messages and leave my own that I ran out of message juice – and without my leash my person couldn’t even drag me away.

Bongo Sniffing  a Tree

Bongo Sniffing a Garbage Can

Bongo Sniffing Bushes

Bongo Sniffing a Bush

Then I met Baxter. That little pup followed me around but I think he just wanted my Frisbee.

Baxter Following Bongo

Baxter really had his eye on my Frisbee.

Baxter Looking at Bongo's Frisbee

There’s no doubt about Baxter’s motives now.

Baxter Grabbing Bongo's Frisbee

Baxter and Bongo playing Tug o War with the Frisbee

Now Baxter, if you just remember who that Frisbee belongs to we’ll get along fine.

Baxter and Bongo looking at the Frisbee

Hey person, I had great fun at the Dog Park chasing Frisbees and balls. Can we go back tomorrow?

What? What do you mean I got too much exercise and you didn’t get enough?

Bongo Panting


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Who Won the Tug o War?

Dogs playing Tug o WarI think I’m really in trouble. I didn’t mean anything by it. I just wanted to go hang with those two dogs. I know, my person didn’t want me to. She held my collar tight so I wouldn’t. But I was determined. Something about them. I just had to get over there and check it out. So I lunged with all my strength. My person was supposed to let my leash out, or let go of it or something. But she didn’t. She held on to me and went right over on the ground. I was mad at first because I really wanted to go for those dogs. When I saw her on the ground I was worried. What’s she going to do to me now? Or what’s my other person going to do when we go home? He’s younger, but he’s the biggest one of us and he gets mad at me sometimes.

But the worst thing ever happened. I had to miss my walk. When my person got up she turned around and headed back home and took me with her. We’d barely gotten out of the house.


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Trail Smells

Good Smells

Good Smells

When my person takes me out on the trail my favorite thing to do is smell. There are so many good smells out there. Most of the smells I like are the ones left by other animals – dogs, coyotes, rabbits and things. I never seem to get my full taste of a smell though. My person just keeps on walking and if she gets to the end of my leash she pulls on it. She spoils all the fun sometimes.

When I find a really good smell and don’t want to leave it I hold my ground. We’ve gotten into a real tug-of-war at times. If I wasn’t so anxious to keep smelling, the tug-of-war would be fun. There’s a time for everything, but not when I’ve got a good smell.


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