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This Way to Adventure

Globe mallowMy person is not always the most adventuresome person in the world.

I mean, look what she does when I take her on my trails.

She hangs around in one spot and takes pictures of flowers.

How adventuresome is that?

And when I want to go off trail looking for adventure – you know there’s lots of adventures hiding in the bushes – my person holds my leash tight and won’t let me go very far.

I haven’t been able to get through to her.

She’d have way more fun on our walks if she’d only follow me into adventure.

But I think she’s untrainable.

So since I’m missing out on so many adventures when I’m with my person I decided to try a new tactic.


I took my younger person and his friend on a walk with me.

Bongo on the trail with two guys

Hey guys come on.

It’s this way to adventure!


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My New Friend

Girl with a painted faceI got a new friend today.

My person must have been feeling guilty about not taking me to play with all those kids at Vacation Bible School…

…because she brought me a new friend.

It’s not every day that I get a new friend, so I was really excited when she showed up.

But I got kind of worried.

She might run out of room on her face for painting and try to paint mine.




So I decided to take her for a walk.

Bongo sniffing a tree with a girl standing next to him

She started out to be a great walker.

Waiting patiently while I checked my messages.

Bongo sniffing while the girl is pulling on his leash

Well, I thought she was waiting patiently.

Come on, new friend.

I’m not finished checking my messages yet.

Bongo refusing to budge

This is really bad.

My person must have given my new friend lessons.

She’s yanking on my leash just like my person does.

I’d better explain to her what a disaster it could be if I miss an important message.

Bongo and the girl walking down the trail

Wait a minute, new friend.

You don’t get it.

I’ve got to go back.


Does anybody know where there’s a training class to teach people how to walk their dogs?


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I’ll Do it Tomorrow

Bongo playing with a friendI was getting ready to put on my Detective Dog hat and investigate those weird animals.

You know, the ones my person keeps talking about that for some reason are taking all her time from helping me with my blog.

But just as I went for my hat there was a knock on the door.

Knocks on the door are always exciting.

It means there’s a person on the other side.

And it was one of my friends.

He said he came to see Gizmo because Gizmo used to live with him.

But I know different.

He was looking for an excuse to come see me.


Bongo and a friend playing tug o war

I’m all worn out now.

I’ll investigate those weird animals tomorrow.


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New Friends

Bongo on the trailMy person came to pick my up at the dog hotel yesterday. She made me stay there a whole week while she went off to San Diego and had fun without me.

She even made friends with strange animals.






I can’t believe my person went far away to hang out with other animals. Why would she be interested in other animals when she’s got me?

This is getting really serious.

Lemur near someone's foot

This animal looks way too friendly.

Then she went to the beach and hung out with the birds.

sea gull on the beach

I want to go to the beach.

I want to chase those birds.

This is totally not fair.

But now I’m getting really worried.

Mater from Cars

My person is hanging out with a truck.

Well, that’s okay. My person can just go hang out with all her new friends.

I’m not sure I want to leave the dog hotel.

Because I’ve got a new friend too.

Bongo with a friend at the kennel

Don’t tell my person. This can be our little secret.

But next time my person goes and makes new friends to hang out with –

I’ll be having great fun – at the dog hotel.

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Whose Friend is it Anyway?

Bongo looking for all the attentionNobody told me I was getting a visitor today. Woo woo! It’s my little friend.

Or at least I thought it was my little friend. Today he seems to be my person’s little friend. They’re hanging out on the floor together and ignoring me. How can that be? The floor is my territory. Anyone on the floor should be playing with me.

At first I tried to distract them and get all the attention.

My person – of all things – locked me away in another room. How could she?

She finally let me out – I think all that scratching on the door helped – and I figured I’d better share the attention so I wouldn’t get locked up again.


Bongo and his friend on opposite sides of the train tracks

I don’t believe it. I tried to be really nice and share all the attention and I still got ignored.

Guess I’ll hang out in the corner for awhile and chew my antler.

Bongo chewing his antler

Finally! My little friend gave me a hug.

Bongo getting a hug

And even better yet. I got a treat!

Bongo's friend holding out a treat for Bongo

Woo woo! Little friend, you can come over here any time.


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Where is She?

Bongo and Friend with ballI don’t believe it. My person left me yesterday and she didn’t come home. I waited and waited for her, but she was nowhere to be found. My younger person stayed home with me, but where did my person go?

Bedtime came and my person was still not here. It was pretty lonely sleeping on my bed without my person sleeping on the bed next to me.

The next day my younger person fed me breakfast. I had to wait though. He doesn’t get up very early and I had to remind him that I was hungry. He only feeds me breakfast when my person is gone.

Where, oh where has my person gone?

My younger person left and I found myself alone with Scratchy – and it was getting close to dinner time.

Scratchy won’t feed me dinner. What am I to do? I’m getting hungry.

Finally, my person drove up. Just in time. I don’t think I could have gone without food much longer.

And guess what! She brought me a friend. I’ve never met this friend before but we talk on my blog sometimes.

And my friend likes to play catch. Woo woo!

Ball Wrestling


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Little Friend’s Visit

Bongo's Little FriendI was so excited waiting for my little friend to come over today. He hadn’t come here for a visit in a very long time. This was going to be a great play day.

Here he comes, person. Here he comes!

What? Wait a minute. He walked right past me and gave Scratchy loves.

Bongo's Little Friend with Scratchy

Now he’s playing with my younger person and they’re totally ignoring me.

Little Friend and Younger Person building train tracks

They even let Scratchy play with the train. Hey, what about me?

Scratchy Watching the Train

I got so upset I tore up my squeaky reindeer.

Bongo's Torn up Reindeer

My little friend wouldn’t even share his food with me. And I sat so pretty for him.

Bongo Waiting for Food

Then we went out on my trails. My trails, mind you. I’d better not be ignored on my trails.

Bongo Getting Loves from his Little Friend

I’m in heaven now. My little friend gave me some loves on my trails.

Little Friend and Bongo walking together

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Bongo and TimmyMy person says that the other day someone found my blog by doing an image search for “bongo dog.” My person thought that it made sense to find my blog through that search, but she was curious what she would find so she checked it out.

She found several pictures of me and lots of other dogs too. Most of them probably had one of the best names I can think of – Bongo.

But then my person saw something really strange. It was a picture that looked like Chelsea, a dog friend of ours. When my person moused –(Aren’t those mouses the little creatures the coyotes eat?) – over the picture, sure enough, it was Chelsea. Chelsea can be found at She is a very special pup who was rescued and taken in as a foster dog by her person. Her person fell in love with her and decided to keep her, but Chelsea had injuries before she came to her forever home, that are requiring expensive surgery. You can learn more about Chelsea and how you can help her here.

Recently my person did the same search and couldn’t find Chelsea anywhere. She still found lots of pictures of me – and guess who else:

She found Alfie, the Collies, Uptown Dog, Lola, Henry, and a photo of a Spotted Dog taken by our dog photographer friend Laurie.

How cool is that? I went searching for myself and found my friends.


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Sometimes I know someone when I’ve never actually met them. Sometimes my people come home with smells from other animals and sometimes I’ve smelled those same smells before. I feel like I know those animals, but I don’t like it when other animals get attention from my people. After all, they’re my people.

There’s one cat that I’ve smelled on my people before, that I also smell on my little friend. The friend I wrote about in my last blog. This cat is getting awfully familiar with a lot of people that I know. I’d really like to meet this cat in person so I can chase him away.

My person said it wouldn’t be nice to chase this cat, but she told me this cat sleeps in strange places. Something about a sink. If that’s the case I could probably jump high enough to turn on the water faucet. I wonder how wet the cat would get before I had a chance to chase it.


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Getting Even

Bongo's Mess

Bongo's Mess

Yesterday both my people left for a long time – again. They just did that a few days ago. My special friend came over to let me out. Last time she was here she tricked me. She snuck out the door when it was thundering and I really needed someone to stay with me.

This time I decided I would get her back so when she let me out in the yard I jumped the fence. That’ll teach her. I didn’t want her to find me right away so I immediately ran over to the next block. This is great! Freedom! But wait, she’s supposed to come looking for me. Where is she? Last time she talked to my person on that little box and learned her tricks. Maybe she’s doing that again. My person would tell her where to find me. Guess I’d better head back and check. Here she comes. She tricked me by making me come back to my own street first.

Hey, wait a minute! You can’t put me back in the house and leave! That makes me mad. I’m finding a way out of here. Back door’s shut. Maybe if I move the mat out of the way I can get through it. Nope. This window doesn’t work either and knocking over the guitar in front of it didn’t help. How about the bathroom? Oh no. The only thing I can move there is the mat. I’m not getting anywhere. I just want to get out so someone will come and chase me. Guess I’ll spill my water instead.


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