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Whose Friend is it Anyway?

Bongo looking for all the attentionNobody told me I was getting a visitor today. Woo woo! It’s my little friend.

Or at least I thought it was my little friend. Today he seems to be my person’s little friend. They’re hanging out on the floor together and ignoring me. How can that be? The floor is my territory. Anyone on the floor should be playing with me.

At first I tried to distract them and get all the attention.

My person – of all things – locked me away in another room. How could she?

She finally let me out – I think all that scratching on the door helped – and I figured I’d better share the attention so I wouldn’t get locked up again.


Bongo and his friend on opposite sides of the train tracks

I don’t believe it. I tried to be really nice and share all the attention and I still got ignored.

Guess I’ll hang out in the corner for awhile and chew my antler.

Bongo chewing his antler

Finally! My little friend gave me a hug.

Bongo getting a hug

And even better yet. I got a treat!

Bongo's friend holding out a treat for Bongo

Woo woo! Little friend, you can come over here any time.


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