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My Treat

Bongo sitting next to a tiny treatCheck this out.

Somebody left me a treat.

This isn’t one of your typical trail treats – you know, the kind someone accidentally drops when they’re on my trails.

Mostly people are not thinking of me at all when they drop something.

No. This is a special treat.

You see, this treat is in my very own yard.

So someone who knows that I live here probably left it for me.

Somebody must really love me.

They thought of me and left me a treat.

By the way person, since you’ve got your camera out could you get my profile too?

Profile of Bongo

Okay, enough posing.

Time to check out this treat.

Hey! Wait a minute!

Somebody got to my treat ahead of me.

This treat is in my yard. You leave it alone!

What do you mean, those ants think this is their yard too?

Ants on a gumdrop

I think we’ve got a serious problem here.


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Whose Friend is it Anyway?

Bongo looking for all the attentionNobody told me I was getting a visitor today. Woo woo! It’s my little friend.

Or at least I thought it was my little friend. Today he seems to be my person’s little friend. They’re hanging out on the floor together and ignoring me. How can that be? The floor is my territory. Anyone on the floor should be playing with me.

At first I tried to distract them and get all the attention.

My person – of all things – locked me away in another room. How could she?

She finally let me out – I think all that scratching on the door helped – and I figured I’d better share the attention so I wouldn’t get locked up again.


Bongo and his friend on opposite sides of the train tracks

I don’t believe it. I tried to be really nice and share all the attention and I still got ignored.

Guess I’ll hang out in the corner for awhile and chew my antler.

Bongo chewing his antler

Finally! My little friend gave me a hug.

Bongo getting a hug

And even better yet. I got a treat!

Bongo's friend holding out a treat for Bongo

Woo woo! Little friend, you can come over here any time.


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Looking for Loves

Smiling Bongo at the Vet's OfficeHey person, if I tell everybody they’re going to feel sorry for me. Then they might give me hugs and loves.

Okay, that settles it. I’m telling them.

My person took me to the vet today. It wasn’t my regular check up time but something was bothering me. I didn’t mind too much though, because I love going to the vet. I always get lots of loves and treats there.

Well, they did stick a stick up my rear end. I’m not sure why they did that and I didn’t like it very much.

Then they started poking around in my ear and that hurt a little. Well, one of my ears hurt when they did stuff to it. The other one was okay.

Then they gave me lots of loves and treats. Lots of treats. Then after dinner my person gave me more treats.

Bongo getting loves

My person says I get extra treats for a few days and then I get to go back to the vet for more loves and treats.

Oh, I think I just messed up this story. I made it sound too good and nobody’s going to feel sorry for me.

Hey person, my ear hurts really bad. I think I need some more treats to make it feel better. And could you give me some extra loves too?


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