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My Treat

Bongo sitting next to a tiny treatCheck this out.

Somebody left me a treat.

This isn’t one of your typical trail treats – you know, the kind someone accidentally drops when they’re on my trails.

Mostly people are not thinking of me at all when they drop something.

No. This is a special treat.

You see, this treat is in my very own yard.

So someone who knows that I live here probably left it for me.

Somebody must really love me.

They thought of me and left me a treat.

By the way person, since you’ve got your camera out could you get my profile too?

Profile of Bongo

Okay, enough posing.

Time to check out this treat.

Hey! Wait a minute!

Somebody got to my treat ahead of me.

This treat is in my yard. You leave it alone!

What do you mean, those ants think this is their yard too?

Ants on a gumdrop

I think we’ve got a serious problem here.


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Ant Hole Competition

Bongo's faceNormally the ants around here aren’t much to look at. They crawl out of holes in the ground, go get stuff to eat, and then crawl back in.

There are different colors and sizes of ants, but usually the most important thing to know about ants is that some of them bite.

Don’t get close enough to tempt the ants to crawl on you.

But something changes when it rains around here. The ants get really creative.

They seem to be in competition to see which group of ants can build the best entrance to their house.

I thought I’d post some of the entries so you can decide which one is your favorite.

Tall, skinny ant hole entrance

I think these ants were trying to see how tall they could get their entrance.

Tall, skinny ant hole entrance with an extra opening on the side

But for those ants who might not be able to climb quite so high to get in, these ants created a side door.

ant hole entrance with a circle around it

Here we have a moat around the entrance. All ready to fill with water. These ants might have cheated though. I’m not sure they created that moat all by themselves.

Funnel shaped ant hole entrance

Now this is getting creative. A funnel entrance. The ants must have to walk in ever descending circles to enter this house.

Ant hole entrance with a long slot

If the ants ever drag home a giant key they’ll be able to get in here.

Ant hole entrance partly on a rock

And if you want to be a little different you can change up the color and rest your entrance against a rock.

Maybe I ought to taste this one. It looks like they mixed sugar into the dirt.

Two tall, skinny ant holes near each other

These ants weren’t taking any chances. If they miss the first entrance, the second one will work for sure.

Overlapping ant hole entrances

But this one has got to be my all time favorite.

The pig snout entrance.

ant trying to push a juniper berry

I wonder if this little guy gets extra points if he can drop this juniper berry down the most difficult hole.


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Detective Dog at Work

Cylinder shaped ant hole entranceI saw this really strange thing on my trails. There are lots of strange things on them, but I think this is one of the strangest. I guess I’ll have to put on my Detective Dog hat and figure out what it is.

Maybe it was a rock, and when the rain came down it was carved into this shape. I’ve never seen rain do things like that before though.

Or maybe it’s a microphone for lizards. I never hear lizards say anything. Maybe their voices are too quiet so they need a microphone to be heard. I should wait and see if any lizards show up and tell them they can talk to me through this.

It could have been part of somebody’s necklace on a string and then the string broke and this part dropped and landed here.

What if it’s a very old piece of chocolate? I’d better check it out. It might still taste good.

Hey, wait a minute. Here’s a double one of these things. And it has some very tiny residents crawling all over it.

And I was hoping it was chocolate.

Double cylinder shaped ant hole


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Ant Pottery

Ant hill shaped like a vaseSome of the ants on my trails must be bored because they are getting creative with their ant hills. Usually they make a little hill at the entrance, or sometimes the hill is reversed and the ants have a funnel entrance.

But this time the entrance looks like the top of a vase. I wonder if some of the ants went to pottery class and decided to put their new talents to work.

I wonder if they have a pottery class just for ants, or if the ants have to take the same class as people do. That might be kind of dangerous.

Just think of all the hazards that could befall the ants. (I might be falling if my person doesn’t stop telling me to use words I don’t understand.)

The ants could crawl into a big vase or pot that a person was making, and then before they could crawl out again the person might decide to start all over and smash the pot.

Or even if the ants did get out in time, if they hung around on the pot they might go with it into the kiln and turn into crispy critters.

And what if the ants were making an ant sized pot and a person didn’t see it and set his pot down on top of it – and on top of the ants.

All kinds of things could happen to those ants if they took a pottery class with people. But it looks like at least some of those ants survived. It’s too bad they waited so long to take the class though. If they’d done it in the spring they would have been able to find some flowers.

Ant hill with flowers in it

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Bongo Sniffing a Pop CanSomebody is having a party on my trails.

And it’s not me.







I found this can on my trails and it says Party right on it.

What person? I thought you said that word was Party.

I don’t get it. How can it say Party if it doesn’t say Party?

What do you mean there are more than one people languages? That doesn’t make sense. I thought there was just people language and dog language. Oh, and cat language but that doesn’t count.

Whatever that language is, I’m going after those partiers. The nerve of those people, having a party on my trails without inviting me.

Which way did they go? They must be close by. I bet they left when they heard us coming because they didn’t know it was me.

Maybe if I get my party hat they’ll come out.

Bongo with Dog Party Hat

Hey, check this out. Those partiers didn’t leave at all. They’re right here.

It’s an ant party!

Ants on Pop Can

I sure hope they clean up their mess when they’re finished.


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Signs of Spring

Ant HillI just saw one of the first signs of spring. Yeah, I know. Flowers have been coming out. We already have little purple ones, white ones, and yellow ones blooming. Oh yeah, those orange-red Indian Paintbrush too. Some trees have already blossomed and others are starting to get leaves on them. But that’s not what I was thinking about.

The ants have shown up again. They’ve pushed the dirt out of their holes and they’re keeping busy looking for food. I guess they sleep all winter and work really, really hard the rest of the year.

I’m not sure if I’d like that. If I slept all winter I’d miss playing in the snow – and the mud. And then I’d have to work very hard the rest of the year to make up for it. No naps – just work, work, work.

And I bet none of those ants have a person who helps them write a blog. So even if they did have fun nobody would know about it. And just think – if they tried to play ball they would get squished under it.

I’m sure glad God made me a dog.

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