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Bongo wearing a red bandannaOn Friday my person rescued me from the dog hotel – I mean, she came and forced me away. I was having so much fun I didn’t want to leave.

I got home and looked forward to a nice, long nap when I noticed something was afoot.


Scratchy had invited Gizmo over for a sleepover.






Remember Gizmo?


So now I had two cats to put up with.

I wandered around the house looking for a comfy, peaceful place to lie down where there weren’t any cats, when I saw him.

Tiberius peeking out from under a futon

Gizmo brought his friend Tiberius with him.

The cats were having a party.

And there was no holding them back.

They took over my kennel.

Tiberius in Bongo's kennel

Gizmo getting out of Bongo's kennel

Gizmo, don’t try to deny it. I know you were checking out my dog jail kennel.


They took over the floor.

Gizmo on the floor

Then they took over the couch.

Gizmo and Tiberius on the couch

Hey, that’s my couch!


They tried to steal my snake.

Gizmo lying in front of toy snake

Gizmo, get away from my snake!

Tiberius near Bongo's toy snake

Not you too, Tiberius!


The cats even took over the counter.

Gizmo and Scratchy on the kitchen counter

Scratchy, can you take your cat party outside?

Gizmo looking out the window at a cat

Gizmo, what are you up to now?

Siamese cat on a garden wall

Oh, no. Don’t you dare invite another cat to your party.

Can somebody please help me!?


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Happy 2014!

Happy New Year!

Bongo with his party hat

I had a great time at the party last night.


Bongo in his party hat looking like he's dragging

Is it midnight yet?

Bongo with his party hat down over his eyes

Finally, it must be midnight.

It’s so dark I can’t see a thing.

Happy 2014!


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My Kind of Party

Bongo in front of a futonLast night I think the people behind my house were having a party in their yard.

And they didn’t invite me.

It didn’t sound like a big party – just a few people.

But they were playing musical instruments and I really thought I should be part of that.

I heard the sound of a guitar every once in awhile.

That didn’t really bother me.

My person has a guitar.


It’s kind of collecting dust right now but I guess if I really wanted to play it I could tear open the case and see what kind of sounds I could make.

But there was another instrument that really attracted my attention.

It’s not one that my person has – well, she sort of has it, but not really.

And it’s something I’ve always wanted to play.

I mean, who wouldn’t want to play an instrument that was named after them.

Bongo with bongo drums

Maybe my neighbors will hear something and invite me over next time they play the bongos.


Bongo Clip Art is ©2009, Leslie Sigal Javorek (a.k.a. IconDoIt). All Rights Reserved. Used by written permission.

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This work is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial-ShareAlike 3.0 Unported License.


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A New Clue

Bongo sniffing something he foundHmmm. What’s this I’m finding on my trails? This is evidence, that’s for sure.

Now I’ve just got to figure out what kind of clue this is. Which mystery will it help me solve.





Detective Dog to the rescue!

Bongo looking snazzy with his Detective Dog hat on

Let me see what I can deduce with a sniff. Did you notice I’m starting to learn a lot of big detective words? Indubitably you did. My friend Jet would be proud of me.

Bongo sniffing what he found

Not much evidence here. The scent of some little hands, but which way did they go? Why did they leave this clue here? What is this stuff anyway? It’s tickling my nose.

Bongo looking at the star and ribbon

Speak to me blue star shaped thing with tickly stuff. Where did you come from? Who left you here? Why are you still sticking around?

Wait, wait! I think I’m getting something.

That’s it!

What am I thinking? I’ve got the wrong hat on.

This isn’t a clue to a mystery needing to be solved. This is an invite to a party!

Bongo with Dog Party Hat

Wait for me! I’m ready now.

Oh no! There’s nobody here.

What a drag. I’m all dressed up and nowhere to go.


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Bongo Sniffing a Pop CanSomebody is having a party on my trails.

And it’s not me.







I found this can on my trails and it says Party right on it.

What person? I thought you said that word was Party.

I don’t get it. How can it say Party if it doesn’t say Party?

What do you mean there are more than one people languages? That doesn’t make sense. I thought there was just people language and dog language. Oh, and cat language but that doesn’t count.

Whatever that language is, I’m going after those partiers. The nerve of those people, having a party on my trails without inviting me.

Which way did they go? They must be close by. I bet they left when they heard us coming because they didn’t know it was me.

Maybe if I get my party hat they’ll come out.

Bongo with Dog Party Hat

Hey, check this out. Those partiers didn’t leave at all. They’re right here.

It’s an ant party!

Ants on Pop Can

I sure hope they clean up their mess when they’re finished.


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