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My Kind of Party

Bongo in front of a futonLast night I think the people behind my house were having a party in their yard.

And they didn’t invite me.

It didn’t sound like a big party – just a few people.

But they were playing musical instruments and I really thought I should be part of that.

I heard the sound of a guitar every once in awhile.

That didn’t really bother me.

My person has a guitar.


It’s kind of collecting dust right now but I guess if I really wanted to play it I could tear open the case and see what kind of sounds I could make.

But there was another instrument that really attracted my attention.

It’s not one that my person has – well, she sort of has it, but not really.

And it’s something I’ve always wanted to play.

I mean, who wouldn’t want to play an instrument that was named after them.

Bongo with bongo drums

Maybe my neighbors will hear something and invite me over next time they play the bongos.


Bongo Clip Art is ©2009, Leslie Sigal Javorek (a.k.a. IconDoIt). All Rights Reserved. Used by written permission.

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