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Ant Pottery

Ant hill shaped like a vaseSome of the ants on my trails must be bored because they are getting creative with their ant hills. Usually they make a little hill at the entrance, or sometimes the hill is reversed and the ants have a funnel entrance.

But this time the entrance looks like the top of a vase. I wonder if some of the ants went to pottery class and decided to put their new talents to work.

I wonder if they have a pottery class just for ants, or if the ants have to take the same class as people do. That might be kind of dangerous.

Just think of all the hazards that could befall the ants. (I might be falling if my person doesn’t stop telling me to use words I don’t understand.)

The ants could crawl into a big vase or pot that a person was making, and then before they could crawl out again the person might decide to start all over and smash the pot.

Or even if the ants did get out in time, if they hung around on the pot they might go with it into the kiln and turn into crispy critters.

And what if the ants were making an ant sized pot and a person didn’t see it and set his pot down on top of it – and on top of the ants.

All kinds of things could happen to those ants if they took a pottery class with people. But it looks like at least some of those ants survived. It’s too bad they waited so long to take the class though. If they’d done it in the spring they would have been able to find some flowers.

Ant hill with flowers in it

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