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My Treat

Bongo sitting next to a tiny treatCheck this out.

Somebody left me a treat.

This isn’t one of your typical trail treats – you know, the kind someone accidentally drops when they’re on my trails.

Mostly people are not thinking of me at all when they drop something.

No. This is a special treat.

You see, this treat is in my very own yard.

So someone who knows that I live here probably left it for me.

Somebody must really love me.

They thought of me and left me a treat.

By the way person, since you’ve got your camera out could you get my profile too?

Profile of Bongo

Okay, enough posing.

Time to check out this treat.

Hey! Wait a minute!

Somebody got to my treat ahead of me.

This treat is in my yard. You leave it alone!

What do you mean, those ants think this is their yard too?

Ants on a gumdrop

I think we’ve got a serious problem here.


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