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What to do with Cats

Scratchy on top of a cat cageSomething happened while I was at the dog hotel.

The cats I live with took over my blog.

Do you believe it?

Cats on my blog!

And they tried to keep it a secret.

But one of my blogging buddies spilled the beans.

So I had to do something.

And I did.


I sent Scratchy to the vet.

Scratchy on cat cage

Scratchy hates the vet.

And they must not like him either.

When I go to the vet I get treats and loves.

Scratchy doesn’t get any treats or loves.

It was the perfect punishment for Scratchy.

But now I’ve got to figure out what to do about Gizmo.

Gizmo stretched out on the couch

He’s the chief instigator these days.

Bongo looking cute

I’m open for ideas.


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Wrong People

Bongo at the vet looking for treatsLast time I went to the vet I got the wrong people.

I don’t know what was wrong with them, but the usual people – the ones who usually take me into the room and stick things up my butt and stuff…

Well, the usual people give me lots of treats.

The whole time I’m in that room they’re giving me treats.

And loves.

Lots of loves.

That’s why I like going to the vet.

But the people I got last time I was there didn’t do that.

No treats – no loves.

Well, at least not until everything was over.

Bongo at the vet looking at jars with medical supplies in them

Those jars up there – I bet that’s where all the treats are.

When those vet people come back in here they’d better empty those jars and give me all the treats.


I thought I was getting lucky for a minute, but they must have grabbed the wrong jar because what they pulled out of it wasn’t a treat.

Next time I go to the vet I’d better get those treat and loves people back –

Or I’m going hunting for a new vet.


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Treats and Loves Twice

Bongo at the VetTwo times this week! Do you believe it? I got to go for a ride in the car and we stopped at the treats and loves place twice this week. That’s never happened before. At least that I remember.

That treats and loves place is pretty cool, but I still can’t figure out why my person keeps yelling at me when I’m in the car. She always wants me to lie down, and then she keeps yelling “back.” She’s sitting in the front of the car. I don’t know why I can’t be up there with her.

But I guess I’d better tell you what that treats and loves place is. No, it’s not the doggy spa. I’m too cool to go there. It’s the vet. They see me coming and they get out the treats. They love me there.

Don’t tell my person though – she doesn’t know because they left her behind and just took me into the room – but I had to work really hard for those treats. They poked needles in me. I’m not sure why they do that. Maybe they had to test to see which kinds of treats are my favorite. I could have told them that, though.

When I left they told me to say hi to Scratchy – so after we got in the car, my person yelled “back”, and we made it back home I hurried in the house to give Scratchy the hi.

And you know what Scratchy did?

He growled.

Scratchy on his cat cage

I guess they don’t give Scratchy treats and loves at the vet. I wonder why.


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Scratchy on his cat cageScratchy had to go to the vet today. He wasn’t very happy about it.

But I’m pretty proud of myself. It’s my fault he had to go.

When I went to the vet the other day they found some nasty little bugs on me. I gave those bugs what for, but they thought I might have given Scratchy some.

I could have told them that Scratchy couldn’t possibly have gotten any bugs from me. Unless they ran up his nasty little claws. That’s the only part of Scratchy that ever touches me.

Oh wait, I did kiss Scratchy the other day. (Please don’t tell anybody.) But Scratchy was so rude he walked away right in the middle of my kiss.

So he deserves to have to go to the vet. Scratchy hates the vet.

Scratchy hates the vet so much that he has a black mark on his file there. It says “Attack Cat.”

Bongo looking at Scratchy in the cage

Scratchy finally came home and I had him right where I wanted him. All caged up.

Bongo looking in the cat cage with its door open

Darn, that door came open. Come on out, Scratchy.

Scratchy inside his cat cage

Scratchy, what are you waiting for?

Bongo and Scratchy going at it while Scratchy is in the cage

Never mind. I think maybe you should stay inside that cage.


Scratchy finally snuck out of the cage when I wasn’t looking.

He jumped on top of the kitchen cabinets…

Scratchy on top of a cabinet

and decided to pose as “ornament cat.”

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Could I Just Have My Treats?

Bongo waiting for the door to openI was really excited today when my person went out to the car and then came back for me. She didn’t even have to tell me. I jumped right in.

I’m not sure why she won’t let me in the front seat when she’s driving, but at least the ride wasn’t long.

We got out at the vet. I love going to the vet. Treats and loves. That’s what I get.

I made a new friend when I got inside. A poodle. He greeted me at the door.

And then one of my people friends came to get me.

She checked me over and then left the room. I stood patiently looking at the door and wagging my tail, waiting for her to come back so I could get my treats and loves.

Bongo between the vet and the technician

But they were holding off on those treats today, and picking at me instead.

Bongo between two people with their hands on him

I tried to get my person to make them stop and give me my treats, but she seemed helpless to do anything.

Bongo's hair in the comb being checked

I don’t know what they were finding so interesting in my hair.

If they wanted a souvenir so bad they could have just cut a hunk of hair off. I wouldn’t mind. But please give me my treats and loves.

Bongo being held onto while his hair is combed

This wasn’t quite the kind of loves I had in mind.

They found what? Little bugs attached to me? Tics? Do they taste good?

I’ll settle for my treats then.

Oh yeah? I might have given bugs to Scratchy? I bet I did because I kissed him this morning.

Make sure you tell Scratchy I made an appointment for him so he could get picked at too. And no treats for you Scratchy because you don’t like going to the vet.

That’s what you get Scratchy, for walking away in the middle of a kiss.


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Clean Bill of Health

Bongo getting love from the vet technicianWoo woo! My person took me to the vet first thing this morning for treats and loves. I love it when she does that.

I did have to put up with my vet poking things in my ear, but at least she didn’t put a stick up my rear end this time.







When my vet got done poking things in my ear she left – and so did the other lady with her. Wait a minute! Where’s all my treats and loves? I haven’t had enough yet.

Bongo waiting at the door

 I waited at the door for them until they finally realized they hadn’t given me all the treats and loves they were supposed to give me, and they came back in. They gave me more treats and loves and my vet said my ear infection is gone. Yippee!

Oh. Wait a minute. Does that mean no more trips to the vet? No more treats and loves?

Hey person, you’d better make up for that. If you’re not taking me back to the vet I need extra treats and loves from you.


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Looking for Loves

Smiling Bongo at the Vet's OfficeHey person, if I tell everybody they’re going to feel sorry for me. Then they might give me hugs and loves.

Okay, that settles it. I’m telling them.

My person took me to the vet today. It wasn’t my regular check up time but something was bothering me. I didn’t mind too much though, because I love going to the vet. I always get lots of loves and treats there.

Well, they did stick a stick up my rear end. I’m not sure why they did that and I didn’t like it very much.

Then they started poking around in my ear and that hurt a little. Well, one of my ears hurt when they did stuff to it. The other one was okay.

Then they gave me lots of loves and treats. Lots of treats. Then after dinner my person gave me more treats.

Bongo getting loves

My person says I get extra treats for a few days and then I get to go back to the vet for more loves and treats.

Oh, I think I just messed up this story. I made it sound too good and nobody’s going to feel sorry for me.

Hey person, my ear hurts really bad. I think I need some more treats to make it feel better. And could you give me some extra loves too?


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