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Could I Just Have My Treats?

Bongo waiting for the door to openI was really excited today when my person went out to the car and then came back for me. She didn’t even have to tell me. I jumped right in.

I’m not sure why she won’t let me in the front seat when she’s driving, but at least the ride wasn’t long.

We got out at the vet. I love going to the vet. Treats and loves. That’s what I get.

I made a new friend when I got inside. A poodle. He greeted me at the door.

And then one of my people friends came to get me.

She checked me over and then left the room. I stood patiently looking at the door and wagging my tail, waiting for her to come back so I could get my treats and loves.

Bongo between the vet and the technician

But they were holding off on those treats today, and picking at me instead.

Bongo between two people with their hands on him

I tried to get my person to make them stop and give me my treats, but she seemed helpless to do anything.

Bongo's hair in the comb being checked

I don’t know what they were finding so interesting in my hair.

If they wanted a souvenir so bad they could have just cut a hunk of hair off. I wouldn’t mind. But please give me my treats and loves.

Bongo being held onto while his hair is combed

This wasn’t quite the kind of loves I had in mind.

They found what? Little bugs attached to me? Tics? Do they taste good?

I’ll settle for my treats then.

Oh yeah? I might have given bugs to Scratchy? I bet I did because I kissed him this morning.

Make sure you tell Scratchy I made an appointment for him so he could get picked at too. And no treats for you Scratchy because you don’t like going to the vet.

That’s what you get Scratchy, for walking away in the middle of a kiss.


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