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Cat Containers

Bongo caught lying in his kennelOkay, I’ve got to tell you what’s been going on at my house while I’ve been absent from my blog.

There seems to be a great jealousy of my dog jail kennel from the cats.

I guess they wish they had one as nice as mine.

But I’m guarding it and I might need to put a sign up that says “No Cats Allowed!”

So the cats have had to settle for second best.



Scratchy had to go to the vet the other day so his cat jail was sitting out.

Scratchy sitting on top of cat cage

And he’s claiming it – or guarding it – or something.

Who would want your silly old cat cage anyway Scratchy?

It’s too little to be any good.


Now Gizmo, not to be left out, had to get creative.

He made his own little cubby.

Not as good as mine…

Gizmo in a box that he's torn to corner out of

But I have to admit that Gizmo is innovative.

Or is that in na box?


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Packing up the Cats

Bongo looking at a cat cageFinally!

I’ve been putting up with three cats for far too long.

Today is my big day!

Those two extra cats are getting picked up and taken back home today.

Now all I have to put up with is Scratchy.

I guess I can tolerate one cat after putting up with three cats for so long.

There they go. Locked up in the cat cage.


Cat cage held in the air with Bongo looking up

The house is mine again. Mine!

I can put Scratchy in his place now that he’s the only one.

You know how hard it is to put three cats in their place?

You get one taken care of and the other two run wild.

Then you get those two and the first one is at it again.

It’s gonna be so nice around here.


Hey, wait a minute.


Gizmo lying on his back


What are you still doing here?

You missed the bus. You’d better go run and catch it.


You’re staying?

Oh no!

I’m still outnumbered.

Hey person, you’ve got to get me a puppy.


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Cat in a Cage

Bongo next to the dog crate - Scratchy insideI’ve been totally upset since I found out there was a dog jail in my big package.

But I’ve been thinking about it, and I think I came to a wrong conclusion.

My person was mistaken when she said the package was for me.

It wasn’t for me at all.

It’s not even a dog jail.

It’s a cat cage.

I decided to test my theory out, so I got some cat treats, carefully placed them inside the cage, and lured Scratchy in.

Then I shut the door.

Scratchy in the dog crate

Yup, it’s a cat cage alright.

This is really fun.

Making fun of Scratchy in the cage, I mean.

I was having a great time watching Scratchy in the cage when my person heard something – I’m not sure what – and showed up in the room with us.

Bongo looking guilty - Scratchy in cage

Person, I was only trying to do you a favor.

It’s Halloween.

Aren’t you supposed to lock all the black cats up for safety?


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Gizmo’s Gone

Gizmo being petted while Bongo looksOne of my friends came over today and I was really happy to see him. He hardly ever comes over here so it was a special treat.

Until I discovered that all he wanted to do was say hi to Gizmo.

This is becoming a regular pattern around here. What’s going on? Why am I losing out to a cat so often lately?



Bongo licking someone's face

Come on! What about me? I can give better loves than a cat any day.

See if you ever get kisses like that from Gizmo.

Gizmo being held with Bongo looking on

What? Holding Gizmo now?

Your arms are going to get tired.

You don’t have to hold me. Just attach yourself to my leash and I’ll take you wherever you want to go.

Besides, I don’t think Gizmo likes being held. I’d never hold him.

You’d better put him down and give me a few loves.

Gizmo being put into a cat cage while Bongo looks

Hey! Where are you putting Gizmo?

When I said to put him down I just meant on the floor or the couch.

Bongo looking at Gizmo in a cat cage

Gizmo, what are you doing in there? This is terrible.

I wouldn’t wish a cage on anyone. Not even a cat.

Well, maybe Scratchy. But he always gets out of his cage eventually.

Bongo pushing Gizmo in the cat cage with his nose

Hold on Gizmo! I’ll rescue you.

Maybe if I push this thing over we’ll find a way for you to escape.

Gizmo being carried away in the cat cage with Bongo looking on

Noooo! Where are you going Gizmo?

Your younger person’s house? That’s one of your younger people? How many people do you have anyway?

This is terrible! Just when I was getting used to having Gizmo around.

Oh, ummm. I mean, good riddance Gizmo. One less cat around to harass me.

Scratchy, don’t you have an extra younger person around that can take you away?

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Scratchy on his cat cageScratchy had to go to the vet today. He wasn’t very happy about it.

But I’m pretty proud of myself. It’s my fault he had to go.

When I went to the vet the other day they found some nasty little bugs on me. I gave those bugs what for, but they thought I might have given Scratchy some.

I could have told them that Scratchy couldn’t possibly have gotten any bugs from me. Unless they ran up his nasty little claws. That’s the only part of Scratchy that ever touches me.

Oh wait, I did kiss Scratchy the other day. (Please don’t tell anybody.) But Scratchy was so rude he walked away right in the middle of my kiss.

So he deserves to have to go to the vet. Scratchy hates the vet.

Scratchy hates the vet so much that he has a black mark on his file there. It says “Attack Cat.”

Bongo looking at Scratchy in the cage

Scratchy finally came home and I had him right where I wanted him. All caged up.

Bongo looking in the cat cage with its door open

Darn, that door came open. Come on out, Scratchy.

Scratchy inside his cat cage

Scratchy, what are you waiting for?

Bongo and Scratchy going at it while Scratchy is in the cage

Never mind. I think maybe you should stay inside that cage.


Scratchy finally snuck out of the cage when I wasn’t looking.

He jumped on top of the kitchen cabinets…

Scratchy on top of a cabinet

and decided to pose as “ornament cat.”

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Click here for more great pet blogs.


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