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Cat in a Cage

Bongo next to the dog crate - Scratchy insideI’ve been totally upset since I found out there was a dog jail in my big package.

But I’ve been thinking about it, and I think I came to a wrong conclusion.

My person was mistaken when she said the package was for me.

It wasn’t for me at all.

It’s not even a dog jail.

It’s a cat cage.

I decided to test my theory out, so I got some cat treats, carefully placed them inside the cage, and lured Scratchy in.

Then I shut the door.

Scratchy in the dog crate

Yup, it’s a cat cage alright.

This is really fun.

Making fun of Scratchy in the cage, I mean.

I was having a great time watching Scratchy in the cage when my person heard something – I’m not sure what – and showed up in the room with us.

Bongo looking guilty - Scratchy in cage

Person, I was only trying to do you a favor.

It’s Halloween.

Aren’t you supposed to lock all the black cats up for safety?


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Trail Lights

Manzanita with light shining through loose barkThat’s really weird. Someone took some orange Halloween lights and put them on this manzanita bush, way out here on my trails. They didn’t even pick a bush next to the trail. They had to climb way under this tree to get them on there. If I wasn’t so close to the ground I would have walked right by and never noticed them.

Why would somebody do that?






Manzanita with light shining through the loose trunk bark

And look at this bush. They didn’t even put the lights on the side you could see the best. Maybe they’re not decorating for us people and dogs that walk by on my trails. Do you think they did this for the squirrels and the bunnies? Or maybe those invisible creatures that were hanging around here on Halloween? I hope they’re not still around.

Manzanita with light shining through the bark

Wow! Look at this one. It’s really lit up. I think I’m safe now. All those bright lights probably scared those creatures away.

Bongo sniffing a bush with yellow leaves

Check this one out. It’s right on the trail, but the lights seem to be fading. I hope it already scared all the creatures away because I think it’s running out of electricity.

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Ghost Cars

Empty Trailhead Parking LotYesterday was Halloween and there was not one car in the parking lot by my trails. This was absolutely not possible on a day like this. It was sunny and warm – the perfect kind of day. So I’m sure there were cars parked there – the kind you can’t see.

Ghost cars.

I was a little nervous going through that parking lot – but nothing happened.

I expected to see a lot of people on my trails on a day like this. Even ghost cars have to be driven there by someone.

Person in white on the trail

But I only saw one person – and she was all white. I think she might have been a ghost.

With all this going on I thought maybe I’d see Ghost Dog, but no such luck. He must have been invisible too.

And then, to top it off – there weren’t even any litterbugs visible. Ghost litterbugs could be really dangerous.

Empty where the litter bugs hang out


Litter could appear out of nowhere. Right before my eyes. Yikes! I’d better get out of here!

Finally, after all those ghosts and invisible things, I found someone that I could see.

Quail on a fence

But that quail must have thought it was invisible, because it let us get really close to it. That’s just not normal.


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