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They’re Back

Bongo on the trailThey’re back.

They haven’t been hanging out on my trails for a long time.

But they’ve come back.

And that’s not good.

They’re not welcome on my trails.

Not ever.

I might have to go after them.

Find them and tell them to stay off my trails.

I bet I could get some of my dog friends to help.

And some of my people friends too.

Nobody likes them around.

They’re always up to no good.

And all it would take is a little bit of thoughtfulness.

A tiny bit of extra work.


But no, that’s too much for them.

I guess you can’t expect much from such ugly creatures.

Bongo looking at litter on the trail

These litter bugs are never going to amount to anything.

Bongo sniffing a rock with litter on it

Guess I’d better check for clues as to where these litter bugs are hiding.

Oh wait, I forgot something.

Bongo looking cool with his Detective Dog hat on

No one escapes from Detective Dog.


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Fitting the Clues Together

Bongo sniffing branches on the groundWhat is this? What are all these branches doing on the ground? I’d better check this out.

I’ve had so many mysteries on my trails lately. It’s been keeping Detective Dog busy.

Speaking of Detective Dog, I’d better get my hat on.





Bongo looking cool with his Detective Dog hat on

There, that’s better. Now I can delve into this mystery.

Wait a minute! There’s a tree right here that’s missing a bunch of branches.

Tree with missing branches

I wonder if – I wonder if…

No, it’s not possible.

Could all of these branches have fallen off of this tree?

No, when I look closer I see that there’s been some hacking going on.

Somebody hacked these branches off this tree.

I wonder who it could be.

Look here! Is this another clue?

This hacked tree is right next to the prickly pear cactus that I found damaged awhile back.

And over there is the other tree that lost its branches.

Damaged trees and damaged prickly pear cactus

I just realized where we are.

Right over there is the place where the Litter Bugs hang out.

Damaged tree in front of a clearing

This will make my job really easy.

All I have to do is find those Litter Bugs.

I bet they’ll be able to tell me who damaged this tree.


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Ghost Cars

Empty Trailhead Parking LotYesterday was Halloween and there was not one car in the parking lot by my trails. This was absolutely not possible on a day like this. It was sunny and warm – the perfect kind of day. So I’m sure there were cars parked there – the kind you can’t see.

Ghost cars.

I was a little nervous going through that parking lot – but nothing happened.

I expected to see a lot of people on my trails on a day like this. Even ghost cars have to be driven there by someone.

Person in white on the trail

But I only saw one person – and she was all white. I think she might have been a ghost.

With all this going on I thought maybe I’d see Ghost Dog, but no such luck. He must have been invisible too.

And then, to top it off – there weren’t even any litterbugs visible. Ghost litterbugs could be really dangerous.

Empty where the litter bugs hang out


Litter could appear out of nowhere. Right before my eyes. Yikes! I’d better get out of here!

Finally, after all those ghosts and invisible things, I found someone that I could see.

Quail on a fence

But that quail must have thought it was invisible, because it let us get really close to it. That’s just not normal.


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Moving In

Bongo inside make-shift wallsThis is amazing. Truly amazing. I had no clue anything like this could happen. What am I going to do?

Oh. My person says I’d better explain what’s going on. I’ll put up a picture, because I hear that people say a picture is worth a thousand words.





Spot in the woods enclosed by sticks and very low walls

I guess you understand now. Just look at that. Isn’t it terrible?

What, person. I have to explain it in words? But I just put up a thousand words. It’s pretty clear to me. That picture explains everything.

Oh, all right. I guess that picture wasn’t enough. I have to give you some words anyway. I’ll try to make it less than a thousand though.

That place you see in the picture – with the walls and the doorframe and the rocks to sit on – is where the litter bugs hang out.

It looks like those litter bugs are moving in permanently. This is terrible! Truly terrible!

What am I going to do?

I might have to move in myself to keep those litter bugs away.

Bongo Checking out the House

Well, I’ll be. Those litter bugs picked up most of their litter. Maybe if all litter bugs made houses over their trash piles we’d have less litter in the world.

Woo woo! I’ll have to promote that. I may have just solved the world’s trash problem.

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Click here for more great pet blogs.


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Looking for Litter Bugs

Bongo Looking for Litter BugsWhere are they? I know I heard them talking. I even caught a glimpse of them, but now they’re not here.

Where did they go?

I saw them, I know I did. Those litter bugs that were here the other day. The ones whose trash I had to carry to the garbage can.

I’ve got to find them and give them what for. They even left some more trash behind.



Bongo Looking for Litter Bugs

They’ve got to be hiding around here somewhere. I bet they saw me coming and knew they were in for it. As soon as I find them I’m turning them in to the Litter Police – after I give them what for, that is.


I’ve looked everywhere and I can’t find them anywhere. I guess they’re better at hiding themselves than they are at hiding their litter.

I’d better head home and look for them another day.

Litter Bugs

I know they’re out there somewhere.


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