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Fitting the Clues Together

Bongo sniffing branches on the groundWhat is this? What are all these branches doing on the ground? I’d better check this out.

I’ve had so many mysteries on my trails lately. It’s been keeping Detective Dog busy.

Speaking of Detective Dog, I’d better get my hat on.





Bongo looking cool with his Detective Dog hat on

There, that’s better. Now I can delve into this mystery.

Wait a minute! There’s a tree right here that’s missing a bunch of branches.

Tree with missing branches

I wonder if – I wonder if…

No, it’s not possible.

Could all of these branches have fallen off of this tree?

No, when I look closer I see that there’s been some hacking going on.

Somebody hacked these branches off this tree.

I wonder who it could be.

Look here! Is this another clue?

This hacked tree is right next to the prickly pear cactus that I found damaged awhile back.

And over there is the other tree that lost its branches.

Damaged trees and damaged prickly pear cactus

I just realized where we are.

Right over there is the place where the Litter Bugs hang out.

Damaged tree in front of a clearing

This will make my job really easy.

All I have to do is find those Litter Bugs.

I bet they’ll be able to tell me who damaged this tree.


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Cactus Murderers

Bongo and some smashed up cactusYesterday I told you about all those police cars and sheriff’s vehicles that were parked right by my trails. I was afraid they were after my person, even though I didn’t know what she could have done wrong.

But after a little further investigation I believe I’ve discovered who all those police officers are after – or at least why they’re after them.

You see, I ran into a bunch of prickly pear cactus that was totally smashed up, demolished, and destroyed. And now I’m sure all those police officers are looking for the cactus murderers.

I thought maybe the gophers were guilty, because I found some gopher holes right next to that cactus.

Bongo checking a gopher hole near the destroyed cactus

But those gophers are much too little to do all that damage. They probably ran back down their holes and hid.

Then I thought maybe the javelina could have done this. But when javelina eat the prickly pear they leave teeth marks and they’re not usually into total cactus destruction. After all, that would be future dinners they’d be destroying

So I’m going to keep working on my investigation …

Bongo sniffing near the damaged prickly pear

and if those police officers don’t find the cactus murderers first, then when I find them I’m really going to give them what for.

Maybe I’ll cook up a batch of this mashed up cactus and feed it to them.

Oh, did I forget to take out the pricklers? My mistake.


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Where’s the Vandal?

Cairn Knocked Over

This is wrong. This is totally wrong. Someone knocked down the trail marker. Now people are going to get lost on the trails. They’ll go the wrong way.






I’d better investigate. Maybe I can find some clues.

Bongo Checking the Knocked Over Cairn

No unusual smells here.

This one here is still standing, but there’s something strange about it.

Bongo Checking Out Cairn

Look. A clue. What is it person?

A tent bag? You mean the guilty culprit camped out here?

Bongo Checking the Clue

This one’s still standing, but it’s starting to lean over.

Bongo Checking the Leaning Over Cairn

Oh look! Another one down.

Bongo Checking Another Downed Cairn

I think they went that a way.

Bongo Looking Past the Downed Cairn

Hey person. I think I found something. I’ve never seen tracks like this on my trails before.

Horse Shoe Prints

I think this is it. Now I’ve just got to figure out what kind of creature has feet like this.

I know one thing for sure. If I find a creature that went the wrong way, has strange looking feet, and is hanging out inside a dome tent, he’s the guilty one for sure.


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