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New Friends

Bongo on the trailMy person came to pick my up at the dog hotel yesterday. She made me stay there a whole week while she went off to San Diego and had fun without me.

She even made friends with strange animals.






I can’t believe my person went far away to hang out with other animals. Why would she be interested in other animals when she’s got me?

This is getting really serious.

Lemur near someone's foot

This animal looks way too friendly.

Then she went to the beach and hung out with the birds.

sea gull on the beach

I want to go to the beach.

I want to chase those birds.

This is totally not fair.

But now I’m getting really worried.

Mater from Cars

My person is hanging out with a truck.

Well, that’s okay. My person can just go hang out with all her new friends.

I’m not sure I want to leave the dog hotel.

Because I’ve got a new friend too.

Bongo with a friend at the kennel

Don’t tell my person. This can be our little secret.

But next time my person goes and makes new friends to hang out with –

I’ll be having great fun – at the dog hotel.

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