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Cows, Goats, and Barns

Van painted like a cowI’ve seen a few strange things on my trails lately, but now the parking lot to my trails is getting stranger and stranger.






What’s this in my parking lot? I think the car is really confused. Is it trying to be a cow or something? This car might need to go into counseling.

Side of van with a farm painting

This car does have a split personality. Only part of it is a cow.

But who’s that inside? A goat? I’ve never seen a goat on my trails before.

And that barn thing. There aren’t any barns near my trails? Well, there weren’t any barns here.

Hey, I think there’s someone inside this vehicle. Besides the goat, that is.

Bongo looking in the open car door

Is anyone in there? I’m looking for a barn. I’ve never seen a barn before. Is it in there?

Bongo getting loves in front of the Gentle Barn van

I didn’t find a barn but I got loves. And that’s even better.

Then I learned all about the Gentle Barn and why that car looks like it’s so mixed up.

The Gentle Barn is where all kinds of rescue animals go to be taken care of. And then kids who kind of need rescuing too get to go love on those animals, and the animals love on them.

If my forever home and my trails weren’t such great places I think that Gentle Barn would be an awesome place to be. Check out their website That place is really cool.

But I wish they would have brought that barn to my trails. It would have been great fun to play with cows and turkeys and llamas.

What? Llamas spit?

Well, never mind then. Maybe they have some sheep.


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Sometimes I know someone when I’ve never actually met them. Sometimes my people come home with smells from other animals and sometimes I’ve smelled those same smells before. I feel like I know those animals, but I don’t like it when other animals get attention from my people. After all, they’re my people.

There’s one cat that I’ve smelled on my people before, that I also smell on my little friend. The friend I wrote about in my last blog. This cat is getting awfully familiar with a lot of people that I know. I’d really like to meet this cat in person so I can chase him away.

My person said it wouldn’t be nice to chase this cat, but she told me this cat sleeps in strange places. Something about a sink. If that’s the case I could probably jump high enough to turn on the water faucet. I wonder how wet the cat would get before I had a chance to chase it.


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