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Blooming Yucca

Bongo looking at a yucca plantFor some reason there seem to be a lot of yucca plants blooming on my trails this year.

Usually I’m lucky to see one of two of them.

But this year they’re blooming all over the place.






Look, here’s another one.

Yucca plant beginning to bloom

This one’s just starting out.

But here’s one that’s halfway there.

Yucca plant in partial bloom

And of course my person has to stop and take pictures of all of them.

I think I need to hide her camera.

Here she goes. Stopping again.

Yucca plant in bloom

Yucca plant in bloom

But sometimes there are advantages to having my person stop at all the blooming yucca plants.

Bongo sniffing below a yucca plant

Sometimes they come with good messages.

But then again, maybe it’s not so good having my person always taking pictures.

Bongo near a yucca plant in bloom

Does my butt look big in this picture?


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Where to Go?

Yuccas are Mean

Yuccas are Mean

A manly dog needs something to lift his leg against. A bush, a tree, a fire hydrant – it doesn’t really matter what it is, but he’s gotta have something. My back yard used to have some plants growing in it that weren’t quite bushes, but I could pretend. They were close enough to being bushes that I could do my business on them and feel good about it. But my person cut them down and took them away.

You know what I have left? Yucca plants. You know what a yucca is? It’s a bush shaped thing full of pointy things that are a cross between a leaf and a spear. Every time I get near one of those yucca plants I get poked. I move a little bit, and get poked again. When you gotta go now it’s a real challenge to find a position where you can lift your leg without getting poked. It usually takes at least three or four tries. Ouch! I hope my person brings back those bushes.



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