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It’s National Mutt Day!

It’s National Mutt Day!

Bongo in a red bandanna

I’ll be out celebrating all day.

Watch out, you pesky squirrels. Here I come!

Squirrel in a tree


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Unwelcome Visitor

Bongo looking like he doesn't know what to doSome creatures are so nervy.

I was minding my own business today, being the perfect dog that I am, when a squirrel took over my tree and started chattering.






Squirrel on a tree stuffing something in his mouth

Those pesky squirrels!

Not only is that squirrel hanging out in my tree, but he’s trying to taunt me with food.

I see that treat he’s hiding in his mouth.

He knows I see it too.

I know how those squirrels think.

Squirrel in a tree with a peanut it it's mouth

See, that squirrel’s got a peanut in his mouth.

And he’s not even going to try to hide it anymore.

He’s going to flaunt it.

He’s hoping I’ll get upset and try to go after him for his peanut.

But I’ve got other plans up my sleeve.

Squirrel in a tree with a peanut in it's mouth

You might as well give up you pesky squirrel.

I’ve got your number.

You’re done for now.


So just to show that squirrel that I mean business I’m going to get my own treats.

I went out into the kitchen…

Dog treat shaped like a squirrel

And I ate the squirrel.


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Empty Shell

Bongo checking out a peanut shellWhat’s this?

Somebody left something for me on my front porch?

Oh, I know what it is.

It’s a shell.

An empty shell.



Bongo's nose and a peanut shell

And I bet I know who left it here too.

That pesky squirrel.

Squirrel on a wire

The one that hangs out around here and gives me a bad time.

The one who stole my Christmas lights.

Squirrel in a tree with a Christmas light in his mouth

I bet that pesky squirrel thinks I’ll forgive him since he left me these peanut shells.

I bet that squirrel thinks he can trick me into being his friend.

But I know better than that.

I know what he’s up to.

He’s using my porch as a place to dump his garbage and trying to make me feel happy that he’s doing it.

But that pesky squirrel can’t fool me.

I know what he’s up to.

Because if that squirrel was sincere – if he was actually trying to make up for stealing my Christmas lights –

He would have left me the peanuts!


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Stare Down

Bongo with a Frisbee in his mouthI went out in my yard today as innocent as can be.

All I wanted to do was play with my Frisbee.

Oh yeah, and take care of other things too.

When all of a sudden my attention was drawn upward.

Do you believe it?

This pesky squirrel was sitting on a wire staring down at me.





Squirrel on Wire web

And we sat there having a staring contest.

I’ll get that pesky squirrel yet!

At least I won the contest.

That pesky squirrel couldn’t hold out very long.

And he…

Squirrel running down a wire

Ran on down the wire.

What a chicken!

Wait. Umm. I mean –

Chickens are good.

To eat that is.

That squirrel ain’t no chicken.

He’s a …

He’s a…

Scaredy cat. That’s what he is!


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