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Unwelcome Visitor

Bongo looking like he doesn't know what to doSome creatures are so nervy.

I was minding my own business today, being the perfect dog that I am, when a squirrel took over my tree and started chattering.






Squirrel on a tree stuffing something in his mouth

Those pesky squirrels!

Not only is that squirrel hanging out in my tree, but he’s trying to taunt me with food.

I see that treat he’s hiding in his mouth.

He knows I see it too.

I know how those squirrels think.

Squirrel in a tree with a peanut it it's mouth

See, that squirrel’s got a peanut in his mouth.

And he’s not even going to try to hide it anymore.

He’s going to flaunt it.

He’s hoping I’ll get upset and try to go after him for his peanut.

But I’ve got other plans up my sleeve.

Squirrel in a tree with a peanut in it's mouth

You might as well give up you pesky squirrel.

I’ve got your number.

You’re done for now.


So just to show that squirrel that I mean business I’m going to get my own treats.

I went out into the kitchen…

Dog treat shaped like a squirrel

And I ate the squirrel.


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Standing Guard

Bongo standing by the evidenceAlright where is it?

Where is that pesky thing?

I know it’s around somewhere.

It dropped its evidence right down here.

I’m going to get that thing.

This time I’m really going to get it.




Bongo standing guard

I’m going to wait right here until it comes back for this thing it dropped.

Then I’ll pounce.

And it won’t have a chance.

It’s usually up in a tree laughing at me.

Or running across a telephone wire.

No trees or wires to run to safety to out here.

That creature made its last mistake.

It could have eaten this thing right where it was.

But it brought it way out on my trails instead.

And now it won’t have a chance.


I’ve been waiting forever.

Nothing, nada, nobody is showing up.

I give up.

A peanut on the ground

I guess that pesky squirrel forgot all about the peanut it dropped.


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