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Toss the Ball

Scratchy and the BallOutside I love to play Frisbee, but my Frisbee isn’t allowed inside the house. I don’t know why. My person says it might break something, but how much damage can a piece of plastic make?

At least my person lets me have some toys in the house. I have some soft balls and sometimes when I bring them to someone they’ll toss them so I can catch them. Usually I bring them to whoever is closest. Sometimes this works and sometimes it doesn’t.

Well, the other day Scratchy was closest so I brought him my ball and dropped it at his feet. He just looked at it. He didn’t toss it for me. He didn’t even bat it back to me. He could have at least done that.

Come on, Scratchy. Pick that ball up in your little paws and throw it to me. I know you can do it.

Bongo, Scratchy and the Ball


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Urge to Dig

Ever since I got my big bone for Christmas I’ve had an urge to dig and bury it. I’ve been really frustrated because every time I try to take that bone outside my person makes me drop it before she’ll open the door. How am I going to bury my bone if I can’t take it outside? The floors of my house are just too hard to dig through.

Well, today I got a different idea. I’ve got to bury something, and I guess it has to be something that’s already outside. My person takes my Frisbee outside and she throws it for me to catch. I got a new one for Christmas. It’s a nice, new, dog Frisbee. It’s softer than any I’ve had before. I wonder if it will bury.

This ground is still soft and moist from the rains we had a few days ago.

Bongo Burying His Frisbee

Almost done.

Almost Buried

Okay I buried it. Time for another game of Frisbee.

Bongo Taking the Frisbee Back Out

And back to my bone. Like my new red nose?

Bongo with a Red Nose



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Where are the Toys?

Bongo's Toys in the YardSince we’ve had snow in our yard and I’ve been stopping to eat it whenever I go outside I’ve been forgetting to do something. I can’t carry my Frisbee around and eat snow too, so I have to put my Frisbee down somewhere. Then I forget to bring it back in.

That doesn’t do me much good when it’s time to go out again. My person is supposed to grab the Frisbee so she can toss it for me. She keeps telling me it’s already out in the yard. She could go out there and get it, but she doesn’t.

I’ve got to have something with me when I go outside so I grab one of my squeaky toys. When I’m heading out the door my person tells me to drop it. She says it’s an indoor toy, and of course I’m very obedient so I drop my toy. My person didn’t tell me I couldn’t pick it up again.

I’ve just got one problem now. I haven’t been able to talk my person into getting me some more indoor toys.


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Snow Day

Bongo with Frisbee in the SnowYipee! It’s a snow day. My person says the last thing people usually think about when they think of Arizona is snow. She says they think of deserts and cactus – but snow ??? Well, I want to tell you I live in that other part of Arizona. The part nobody thinks about. The part that gets snow – and today we have snow.

The first thing I did when my person let me outside was eat some of it. Not too much. I need to save some to play in. I promise, it wasn’t yellow snow that I was eating. Remember, I said it was the first thing I did when I went out.

My absolute favorite thing to do in the snow is drag my Frisbee around. It slides so well on that slippery white stuff. But I had a problem. Last night before it started snowing I left my Frisbee outside. Now it’s not going to be so easy to find. But wait – here it is!

My person says in dog years I’m getting up there. But I don’t believe her. I’m still a puppy when it comes to snow.


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Gotta Catch Up

Bongo Bringing the FrisbeeMy person is back home again. Yay! I’m so happy. It was very late when she got home, but I heard her car and woke up to greet her and got lots of loves. Scratchy stole a few of my loves though.

While my person was gone I missed out on a lot. One thing I missed was catching Frisbees. I didn’t get to do it at all. My younger person won’t throw them for me. Maybe he hurt his wrist or something being on the computer all the time. I don’t think so though because both my people spend lots of time on the computer. I think they both would have hurt wrists then.

Maybe my younger person has too much homework and doesn’t have time to toss me Frisbees. Sometimes my person takes classes and has homework too. Maybe she gets hers done faster. Anyway, I didn’t get to catch one single Frisbee while my person was gone.

I’m making up for it though. My person knows that when I want to go outside she might as well let me because I don’t stop bugging her until she does. I’m bugging her lots today. I don’t really need to go outside, but I’m gonna make sure she catches me up on all those missed Frisbee tosses.


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Get the Frisbee

Bongo and his FrisbeeIt’s October now and the weather is finally getting a little cooler. You know what that means? That means I have more energy to catch more Frisbees. In the summer it’s just too hot. I’ll catch it once or twice and then I’ve had it. I’m ready to go back into the nice, air-conditioned house. I might pick up a soft ball inside and ask my person to throw that for me, but usually I just want to take a nap. A nap on the nice, cool tiles in the bathroom.

But now, I feel like catching a few more Frisbees when I’m outside. Not a lot yet. It’s not quite that cool. But when it does cool off enough I like to wear my person out. She keeps my Frisbee up high where I can’t reach it. She says she doesn’t want me to chew it up, which is a bummer because I love the feeling of chewing on plastic. When I get her to let me out, if she doesn’t grab that Frisbee I remind her by a tilt of my head in the right direction. She knows what I’m talking about.

Pretty soon now it’ll be cool enough and my person will quit before I’m ready to. I don’t know why she gets worn out so easily. After all, in the cool weather we should be able to play Frisbee all day.


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Let’s Play Catch!

She's gotta throw one of these

She's gotta throw one of these.

When I get excited one of my favorite things to do is play catch. My people won’t throw Frisbees in the house so when we’re inside balls work best. If I can’t find a ball one of my stuffed toys works too. I really like to play catch when my people have friends over. If I’m being ignored the best thing to do is pick up one of my balls and drop it in someone’s lap. If they don’t get the hint I get another ball and drop it in their lap. Sometimes they’re really dumb and I have to drop three or four balls in their lap.

When their lap gets too full of balls and toys they usually start tossing them away. Perfect. Now I can catch them and bring them back. It feels really good to chew on the ball a few times before I hand it back.

Sometimes people say “Eeeew” when I hand the ball back to them. I’m not sure what that means, but after they say it they usually pick up the ball with the tips of their fingers and drop it on the floor. Don’t they know that is not the best way to play catch?


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Frisbee Drag

Frisbee Drag side viewFrisbee Drag front viewWhen I’ve been catching Frisbees and I need to catch my breath I start playing a new game. I call it “Drag the Frisbee.” It’s really fun. There’s no grass in my yard – just rocks and dirt. My person said something about the rocks being in order and the yard really pretty until I came to live with them. Not anymore. I walk backwards and drag the Frisbee through the yard with my front feet. It makes nice little paths through the rocks and dirt, but I don’t really pay much attention to that. It’s just so much fun to drag that Frisbee.

I haven’t figured this one out though. Every time I drag my Frisbee and then take it back to my person to toss for me, she makes me go back inside. When we get inside she makes me give the Frisbee to her. I wish she’d let me keep it so I can chew on it for awhile.



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Frisbee Dog

Bongo and Frisbee

You want me to do what with this?

One of my favorite things to do is catch Frisbees – that is, favorite thing after eating of course. My person has a Frisbee stashed by the back door and I don’t let her forget it. I don’t go out without that Frisbee. I catch that Frisbee and carry it around with me before I even think about doing my business.

Sometimes when I’m carrying my Frisbee around the yard I drop it so I can concentrate. The next time we go outside I tell my person to bring it and she shrugs her shoulders. Then she points it out to me in the yard and makes me go fetch it. Fetch, mind you. I like to catch, but this fetch thing. Not nearly as fun. I really wish my person would fetch it for me, but for some reason she doesn’t seem to understand that she can’t toss it for me unless it’s fetched.

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