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Orange spotted butterflyI’ve been worried about the flowers that are starting to show up on my trails, because they make my person spend too much time with her camera.

But now I’ve discovered I’ve got something else to worry about.


At least the flowers stay in one spot.

But those butterflies are moving all over the place.

So my person starts chasing them with her camera.

And since she’s stuck to my leash I end up having to follow wherever she goes.

What kind of a dog wants to follow butterflies?

Oh no, here we go.

Here comes another one.

White butterfly on white flowers

I was hoping my person would just go for the flowers…

What am I saying?

Now I’m wanting my person to take flower pictures?

It’s not as bad as chasing butterflies – but maybe I should just hide her camera.

Then I wouldn’t have to worry about those pictures at all.



She wouldn’t be able to take any pictures of me then.

That wouldn’t be good.

I’d be stuck with all the old pictures of me and I’d never be able to get any new ones.

Oh well.

I guess I’m going to have to put up with it.

Bongo with a butterfly on his nose

If you can’t beat ‘em – join ‘em.


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Butterflies and Birds

Bongo in his dog jail on his new bedWhat a terrible day!

My person put on her shoes and I thought she was going to take me somewhere.

But she put me in dog jail instead.

And she left.

She does that all the time but this was different.

I just knew she was going somewhere special.

And she didn’t take me.

Her camera got to go though.

Somehow I think that camera is more important than I am.


So if you want to see what her camera was up to you can look down below.

But don’t tell my person that my younger person came home early and let me out of dog jail.

And don’t tell her that I got to go for a walk with Toby.

Bongo and Toby on a walk

I said don’t tell.


Do you believe my person wanted to take pictures of butterflies when she could have taken pictures of me?

Multi-colored butterfly with blue and purple

Butterfly with coral, black, and white

Black, orange and white butterfly and red flower

Orange butterfly

White butterfly

She even found an angel butterfly.

Butterfly with an angel shape due to motion

I’m the perfect angel. Where are the pictures of me?

But to make it even worse, she had to rub it in with some pesky birds.

Black bird in tree with orange blossoms

Black bird in tree with orange blossoms

I think I’ll go over to Toby’s house.


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People Leaving Messages

I Brake for Butterflies bumper stickerI’m finding some strange messages on some of the cars parked at my trails.

I think people are trying to imitate us dogs by leaving messages, but they haven’t quite figured out how to do it. I’m not sure they make any sense at all.

Look at this one for instance. “I Brake for Butterflies.”

It would take an awful lot of butterflies flying right into someone at the same time for that someone to break. I mean, those butterflies don’t weigh much and they’re pretty fragile themselves.

I can’t figure out – is this person with this bumper sticker afraid of butterflies? They’re not really scary.

Maybe I should find a butterfly and show this person how friendly butterflies can be. They might realize they wouldn’t break at all.

But here’s an even stranger message.

Bumper sticker says "I ascended at the Sedona 2012 Festival

I’m still trying to figure this one out. Did this person ascend to the top of one of the tall rocks around here? They’re pretty tough to climb, but some people do it.

Or maybe they ascended in one of the hot air balloons that we see.

But some people in Sedona think they can ascend into the atmosphere, or the ozone, or some higher plane somewhere. I think the plane has to take you up there.

I hope those people that ascend in strange ways know how to find their way back down without falling. That might be a rude awakening. You start floating up and away and suddenly you’re falling instead.


But I finally found some car messages that make sense.

Bongo in front of a car with bumper stickers

I think I would really like the people who leave messages like this on their car.

Bumper stickers: "Rescue Adopt" "Wag More Bark Less"


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