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Back Yard Neighbor

Bongo jumping on the fenceI have a new neighbor dog who lives behind me – on the other side of my backyard fence. This dog isn’t calm and gentle like Toby, my new across the street neighbor dog. This dog likes to bark. But only when I come out in my backyard.

If he’s out in his yard when I come out he makes such a ruckus that I’ve got to see what’s going on. What’s he getting so excited about?

I can’t jump the fence to get over to him. At least not the fence that goes to his yard. I can only jump the part where the gate is.

Bongo facing the fence with his ears and tail out

There’s got to be another way to get over there.

Bongo peeking down over the short fence

Maybe there’s a way to go under that fence.

Bongo looking at the fence

Or maybe through it?

Bongo looking through a hole in the fence

Oh wait. Here’s a hole in the fence. At least now I can get a look at that dog.

Bongo running along the fence

I don’t believe it. Just when I almost get face to face with that dog he runs down to the other side of the yard.

Next time I’m barking back.

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Click here for more great pet blogs.


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In the Trunk

Bongo crawling in the trunk of a carToday when my person and I got back from our walk my neighbor dog Toby and one of his people were out in their yard. Well, of course I had to go over and see them.

But when we got there I found something even more interesting. So I ignored Toby – well I did give him a little sniff first – and brushed by Toby’s person, and headed for the open trunk.

I’m a sucker for any open car door, but I’ve never tried a trunk before. I wonder how it works, riding in a trunk.

Hmmm. Something in here smells pretty good.

Bongo turning around in the trunk of a car

I’m not sure how this is going to work though – riding back here. I don’t seem to be able to look out the window. Maybe there’s a way to get a better view.

Oh, wait a minute. I just figured out what a trunk is for. It’s not for riding in at all.

Bongo getting loves while standing in the trunk of a car

Now that I’m in the trunk I’m at the perfect height.

My neighbor can give me loves and he doesn’t have to bend over at all.

Somebody sure was smart when they invented the trunk.


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Meet the Neighbor

TobyFinally! I finally got to meet him. My new neighbor Toby.

We were heading back from our walk – my person and I, that is. And we saw one of Toby’s people out in his yard. So of course I had to go over and say hi.

And when Toby’s other person saw me there she told Toby to come out and meet me.






Bongo and Toby

We sniffed here…

Toby and Bongo

and we sniffed there.

Hey person, you left out some of those sniffing pictures. What’s the deal? Where are they?

Bongo sniffing a shoe

Not the one where I’m sniffing the shoe!

People! Sometimes they just don’t get it.

Anyway, remember that walk I took around the block the other day? Well, this time I got to take a walk around the block with Toby.

Bongo and Toby on a walk

And now I have a new neighbor – and a new friend.

Hey person, can we go for a walk with Toby again tomorrow?


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New Neighbors?

RV in the trail head parking lotI have some new neighbors. At least I think I have some new neighbors. I haven’t seen them yet, but they put their house in the parking lot of my trailhead.

I’ve never seen a house in the parking lot before, but I guess someone has moved in here because this house has been around for a few days.

I wonder where my new neighbors have gone. They never seem to be here.



Bongo and the RV

Maybe if I go over to this side of the house I’ll find something. Maybe the neighbors don’t like that side and they’re hanging around over here.

No, I don’t see anyone.

Bongo Looking at the RV

Do you think I should knock on the door? Do you think anyone would answer?

I really want to meet my new neighbors. Neighbors give loves and maybe I could give them some loves too. But nothing’s going to happen if I can’t find them.

Oh, look. Over on the other side. They’ve started decorating their windows. They must be around somewhere.

RV with a Police Sticker in the Window

What, person? The police are decorating their windows?

Now, wait a minute. Are you trying to tell me that the police want to be my neighbors too?


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