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New Neighbors?

RV in the trail head parking lotI have some new neighbors. At least I think I have some new neighbors. I haven’t seen them yet, but they put their house in the parking lot of my trailhead.

I’ve never seen a house in the parking lot before, but I guess someone has moved in here because this house has been around for a few days.

I wonder where my new neighbors have gone. They never seem to be here.



Bongo and the RV

Maybe if I go over to this side of the house I’ll find something. Maybe the neighbors don’t like that side and they’re hanging around over here.

No, I don’t see anyone.

Bongo Looking at the RV

Do you think I should knock on the door? Do you think anyone would answer?

I really want to meet my new neighbors. Neighbors give loves and maybe I could give them some loves too. But nothing’s going to happen if I can’t find them.

Oh, look. Over on the other side. They’ve started decorating their windows. They must be around somewhere.

RV with a Police Sticker in the Window

What, person? The police are decorating their windows?

Now, wait a minute. Are you trying to tell me that the police want to be my neighbors too?


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