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New Neighbors?

RV in the trail head parking lotI have some new neighbors. At least I think I have some new neighbors. I haven’t seen them yet, but they put their house in the parking lot of my trailhead.

I’ve never seen a house in the parking lot before, but I guess someone has moved in here because this house has been around for a few days.

I wonder where my new neighbors have gone. They never seem to be here.



Bongo and the RV

Maybe if I go over to this side of the house I’ll find something. Maybe the neighbors don’t like that side and they’re hanging around over here.

No, I don’t see anyone.

Bongo Looking at the RV

Do you think I should knock on the door? Do you think anyone would answer?

I really want to meet my new neighbors. Neighbors give loves and maybe I could give them some loves too. But nothing’s going to happen if I can’t find them.

Oh, look. Over on the other side. They’ve started decorating their windows. They must be around somewhere.

RV with a Police Sticker in the Window

What, person? The police are decorating their windows?

Now, wait a minute. Are you trying to tell me that the police want to be my neighbors too?


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Don’t Leave it Behind

Bongo in front of pad with handlesStrange things keep showing up in my trail lost and found. Check this thing out. It looks like a giant briefcase. I’m not sure if that’s what it is, but if I find a giant suit and tie a ways up my trails I’ll know that’s what it is.

Maybe a salesman came here, wanting to sell feather dusters to all the people on my trails – after all there is a lot of dust here. But when he got to the trailhead he realized nobody was waiting there for him and he’d have to go hiking to find people.

Or maybe a business man got the directions for his corporate meeting mixed up. He got to the trailhead and had to go looking for the meeting.

It’s a what, person? A sleeping pad? You mean someone’s been sleeping on my trails again? I wonder if the person is related to the one who left their sleeping bag here awhile ago.

Is anyone looking right now?

Bongo Looking Around

This’ll teach people not to sleep on my trails.

Bongo Wetting the Pad

I don’t want this to come across wrong, but I think this is appropriate. This post is for Trevor, a recently lost friend from Collies of the Meadow.

Click here for more great pet blogs.

Click here for more great pet blogs.


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Ghost Dog Revisited

Ghost DogToday my person and I started out on our walk the way we usually do. We turned into the trailhead and there he stood, waiting for us. Ghost Dog. The same Ghost Dog that had invaded my yard awhile back. At least he wasn’t in my yard this time.

Well, Ghost Dog, I guess this is a shared trailhead so I don’t mind (very much) if you’re here. Just don’t go hanging out in my yard anymore.

Ghost Dog came over to say hi and since I wasn’t defending my yard and didn’t feel like I had to defend the trailhead I let him.

We finally got to meet nose to butt face to face. I thought maybe he’d join us on our walk. I get to meet other dogs on my trails, but I haven’t gotten to go on a walk with another dog in a very long time.

But you know what Ghost Dog did? He disappeared. He just up and disappeared again.

My person says she knows what his real name is but I don’t care. Anyone who keeps disappearing like that, in my book will always be called Ghost Dog.


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