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View from the Window

Bongo looking out the windowPerson, come here quick!

I know I’m not supposed to be on the couch, but you’ve got to see this.

Somebody’s boarding up my friend Toby’s house.





House with construction materials out front and some on the house

He’s going to be stuck inside. Or outside. Whatever it is, he won’t be able to go in and out if we let them finish. We’ve got to do something!

What do you mean I can’t go over to Toby’s house right now?

Come on, person. We’ve both got to go. We’ve got to warn Toby and his people that their house is being boarded up.

What if Toby gets stuck inside and he can’t come out and play with me anymore? That would be terrible!

House with new siding

Look! They’ve got that one part of the house all boarded up now. And they’re starting on the rest of the house. The part where the door is.

I’ve got to go over there and warn Toby.

Person, if you don’t let me go I’ve got to bark at him.

I hope he hears me.

Toby, get out of your house quick!

You can come over and play with me. Then when they finish boarding your house up we’ll go over and dig a hole through the door so you can get back in.

Woof woof!

Okay person. I’m getting off the couch now.

I sure hope Toby heard me.

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Click here for more great pet blogs.


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