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Look Over There

Bongo looking away from a bunch of wildflowersHey person, look over there.

No, no person.








You’re looking in the totally wrong direction.

Bongo with a bunch of yellow wildflowers

Don’t look over here.

It’s over there I want you to look.


I knew it!

Yellow flowers

I just can’t keep my person and her camera away from flowers.

Yellow flower

Does anybody want a well used camera?

I’m giving one away.

As soon as I can wrestle it away from my person.


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What’s in my Wash?

Bongo next to a dry washWhenever we go out on my trails my person has her camera aimed and ready and she’s always looking for unusual things to take pictures of.

I wish she’d just enjoy the walk – I mean, nobody cares if there are pictures on my blog.

Unless they are pictures of me, of course.

But my person can take pictures of me when we’re at home. She doesn’t need to take her camera on my trails.

But this time my person really found something unusual to take a picture of.

It’s so unusual that I might have to run back home and get my Detective Dog hat to investigate what it might be.

This thing showed up at a spot where flowers often grow in the dry wash on my trails.

Oh yeah, for those of you who were wondering about the dry wash I couldn’t find recently – it showed up again. Funny how those things happen.

At first I thought this strange thing was another flower growing where the other flowers had been.

Morning glory beginning to open

But then when I looked at it closer I realized it wasn’t a flower at all.

I think it’s some kind of toy.

flower shaped like a pinwheel

It’s a pinwheel!


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