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Yard Contraband

Bongo with a flower in front of his faceSomebody must be out to get me.

Here’s what happened.

A long time ago – way before I came to live here, my person planted some bulbs in the yard.

She says flowers used to come up from them every year.

I’m not sure if I believe her.

All I’ve ever seen come up in this spot are long green things.

But today, when we came back from our walk on my trails I spotted them.

Right in my yard!

This is terrible!

I don’t know who made them grow like this, but my person will probably want to come out here and take pictures of them – and leave me in the house.

What to do? What to do?

Bongo's nose sniffing a flower

They don’t smell good enough to eat.

But I’ve got to do something with them before my person discovers they’re here.

Oh well, here goes!

Bongo with the leaves but no flower showing

Whew! Problem solved.

Now on to my next snack adventure.


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