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Mystery Bags

Bongo sniffing near a little black bagWhen I’m sniffing around on my trails looking for clues to my latest mystery, or just looking for new and interesting sniffs, I sometimes run across little black bags.

These bags aren’t very interesting in themselves except for the fact that I usually never see the same one twice.

Most of the time when I come back the same way the bag is missing. There might be another bag in a different location, but that first bag is hardly ever there anymore.

I gave up trying to solve this mystery eons ago. There’s nothing special about these bags and they just don’t interest me enough.

There might be something inside these bags, but the smell doesn’t come through and I’d much rather solve mysteries with more aromatic clues.

But today, while I was sniffing the territory and looking for some clues that might lead me to a new mystery I passed another of those little black bags.

I was about to walk right by it when…

Bongo near a bag with something on it

I had to do a double take.

Hearts on and around a little black bag

Apparently somebody thought this particular bag was special.


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