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Not a Weird Animal

Bongo waiting to come out of his kennelI’ve been working on this mystery all week.

Why does my person leave me in dog jail and leave the house talking about weird animals?

I think I might finally be getting somewhere.

I’ve been sneaking peaks at her camera when she’s not looking.

And I’ve finally found something.





Hey wait a minute!

That’s not a weird animal.

That’s a dog.

Pug puppies in a kennelAnd those are puppies.

What’s so weird about that?

Did my person say she was hanging out with weird animals, or leaving the weird animals?

I’d better check this out.

She couldn’t be talking about me.

It must be the cats!


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How Weird Can it Get?

Bongo with Detective Dog hat covering his eyesThe mystery is getting so deep I’m having trouble keeping my Detective Dog hat on.

All week my person has been leaving me and talking about weird animals.

What is she doing?






I think I should be informed.

Tarantula crawling up an arm

Or maybe not.

Is there something crawling up my leg?


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The Weird Mystery Deepens

Detective DogI had to put on my Detective Dog hat to start investigating these weird animals my person has been talking about.

The mystery is getting deeper and deeper.








Snake over shoulders

What kind of a weird animal is this?


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I went to investigate those weird animals my person keeps talking about and I thought I’d start with her camera.

I found something that’s got me really confused.

Why is a mole out in the sunlight while I’m stuck in dog jail.

Bongo in dog jail looking sad

That’s weird.


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Weird Animal Investigation

Bongo's Face


This is terrible.

My person said something about Weird Animals and then she said she didn’t have time to write my blog post.

Who’s the weird animal anyway?

I’d better investigate this.


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