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Not a Weird Animal

Bongo waiting to come out of his kennelI’ve been working on this mystery all week.

Why does my person leave me in dog jail and leave the house talking about weird animals?

I think I might finally be getting somewhere.

I’ve been sneaking peaks at her camera when she’s not looking.

And I’ve finally found something.





Hey wait a minute!

That’s not a weird animal.

That’s a dog.

Pug puppies in a kennelAnd those are puppies.

What’s so weird about that?

Did my person say she was hanging out with weird animals, or leaving the weird animals?

I’d better check this out.

She couldn’t be talking about me.

It must be the cats!


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Bongo sniffing jeansMy person came home with a very interesting smell on her jeans today.

It was almost as good as the smells I find on my trails.

But something’s wrong.

Those messages on my trails are left by my friends.

I recognize them by their smells.

But this was no regular message on my person.

And I didn’t recognize the smell.

Some stranger rubbed his scent all over my person.

This is bad – really bad.

How could my person let some strange dog claim her?

She should have told that dog to back off.

She’s already owned by a dog.

How could my person be so unfaithful?


I had a pretty good idea what this dog looked like by the smell he put out, but just to make sure I grabbed my person’s camera.

She takes pictures of everything and usually it’s a pain, but sometimes it comes in handy.

And I was right.

There it was. A picture of that other dog.

The one that tried to steal my person away.

Sleeping pug puppyA

Hey, how come my person didn’t bring a puppy home for me?


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