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I Don’t See It

Bongo looking for somethingPerson, I don’t know what you’re talking about.

I don’t see a thing.









Bongo looking the other way

Is it over there?

I think you’re making something up.

I don’t even smell anything interesting.

That’s got to mean you’re making it up.

Bongo with a tarantula on the ground near him

There is nothing that’s about to crawl on me – or bite me, or anything else.

You are hopeless, person.

Why do you make things like this up?

You probably can’t think of anything to put in my blog post so you’re making things up instead.

If you’d just take me on longer walks we’d have all kinds of adventures.

I’d have to do extra posts to get all the adventures in.

But no, you’ve got to make things up instead.

There’s nothing here.



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How Weird Can it Get?

Bongo with Detective Dog hat covering his eyesThe mystery is getting so deep I’m having trouble keeping my Detective Dog hat on.

All week my person has been leaving me and talking about weird animals.

What is she doing?






I think I should be informed.

Tarantula crawling up an arm

Or maybe not.

Is there something crawling up my leg?


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Time for a New Hat

Bongo wearing a hat full of branchesI’m putting on a new hat today. This is my Nature Dog Hat so I can tell you about nature on my trails. But this post comes with a warning.

Warning: This post is about spiders and insects. If you’re squeamish (what’s that word?) don’t scroll down to the picture at the end.






It’s really hard to get a picture of these bugs, but we found one walking along on the ground – right in my yard.

Tarantula Hawk

Normally they buzz right by us. Buzzing is right. They make a loud buzz when they fly by, and you get a glimpse of black and orange. Maybe they should be called Halloween bugs. Those are the official Halloween colors, aren’t they?

Once you hear what these bugs do, you’ll realize they fit right into that holiday. These bugs are mean.

They’re called tarantula hawks. They like tarantulas, but the feeling isn’t mutual.

You see, these hawk things – which are really wasps, look for tarantulas and when they find one they poke it with their stinger.

That tarantula plops over as if it’s dead, but it’s really only paralyzed.

Then that nasty tarantula hawk lays one single egg on the tarantula and buries the tarantula. When the egg hatches that nasty baby eats the tarantula, while keeping it alive as long as possible by saving the vital organs for dessert.

Then it flies away to do the same thing all over again with another poor, unsuspecting tarantula.

The tarantulas are starting to come out now. My person just saw the first one of the season.


Watch out, tarantula! Those tarantula hawks are looking for you.


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I Pick the Pets

Bongo with squeaky toysOkay person, whatever you do, you’re not bringing home a new pet without my permission. I don’t care what size it is, or how fuzzy it is, I’ve got to check that pet out before you’re allowed to bring it home.

If you find a puppy, it’s got to be the right puppy. That puppy would have to play with me when I want it to, and let me take my naps when I’m ready for one.

And if you get a kitten it better be a cuddly one. Either that or one that will keep Scratchy occupied so he doesn’t bother me.

You’d better not get any birds though, because Scratchy would give the birds what for. And he might do that with any cute little animals you decide to bring home.

Maybe you could get a rabbit – but it has to be a big one so it can hold its own with Scratchy. On second thought, maybe not. I’ve heard those rabbits leave little pellets all over the place. I wonder if they taste good – I mean, maybe you could teach the rabbit to use Scratchy’s litter box.

Do you think a snake or a lizard would be good? They could stick out their tongues and give Scratchy what for if he tried to harass them.

What kind of pet are you thinking of person?

You’d better not get one of those. Scratchy might bop it across the room.



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