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I Don’t See It

Bongo looking for somethingPerson, I don’t know what you’re talking about.

I don’t see a thing.









Bongo looking the other way

Is it over there?

I think you’re making something up.

I don’t even smell anything interesting.

That’s got to mean you’re making it up.

Bongo with a tarantula on the ground near him

There is nothing that’s about to crawl on me – or bite me, or anything else.

You are hopeless, person.

Why do you make things like this up?

You probably can’t think of anything to put in my blog post so you’re making things up instead.

If you’d just take me on longer walks we’d have all kinds of adventures.

I’d have to do extra posts to get all the adventures in.

But no, you’ve got to make things up instead.

There’s nothing here.



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The New Pet

Bongo sitting in front of a futonThis is Monday Mischief. The day us dogs are supposed to report all the mischief that happened over the weekend.

And I have a lot to report.

I’ve got so much to report that I think it’s going to take me two blog posts to get it all in.

It wasn’t my mischief though.

No, I was the perfect dog all weekend long.

But my people – I think they were up to no good.

First, my person got this new pet.

She didn’t ask me about getting a new pet.

Even Scratchy didn’t know about it and I don’t think he wanted anything to do with that new pet either.

And that pet started taking over the house.

First it was in the living room.

Then it was in the bedroom. I know my person thinks it’s her bedroom, but my bed is in there too so it’s really my bedroom.

And that new pet is not allowed in my bedroom.

I mean, what if it tries to sleep in my bed.

Well, I must have convinced my person’s new pet that the bedroom is not where it is supposed to be because next thing I know that pet is back out in the living room.

It’s probably thinking about taking over the bathroom – or the kitchen.

I hope it doesn’t try to eat my food.

I guess my person wasn’t thinking though when she got that new pet.

Or maybe Scratchy and I convinced her that no more pets should be allowed in the house.

Because finally my person got out a jar, convinced the new pet to jump into it, and then she took that jar away with the pet inside.

Large spider on a wall

I hope my person has learned her lesson and no more new pets will be allowed into the house.

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