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Trail Stone Stack Tour

Bongo and a stack of stones in a dry washStacks of stones have been showing up on my trails in all shapes and sizes lately.

So I thought I’d give you a trail stone stack tour.

It might be kind of fun.

Anyway, I call the stack in this first picture a wash stack.

Because the stones are stacked in the dry wash on my trails.

That’s a pretty original name I came up with, don’t you think?



A more recent kind of stack is what I call the mini stacks.

They come in various types.

Small stone stacks on a rock

Like these mini stacks on a rock.

Bongo near a post with stones stacked on top

Or this one on a post.

Wait. I don’t see a mini stack here.

Where is it?

I think my person’s fooling me about seeing a mini stack here.


Now here’s the latest invention in stone stacks.

Bongo and a stone stack that blends into the background

Well, I think it’s the latest invention.

I call it the camouflaged stack.


I wonder how long this has been here.


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New Expedition

View in a wash in SedonaToday I got to go on a new adventure. I got to go exploring.

I can’t believe we’ve never been here before. It’s my wash, after all.

But it’s the other part of my wash.

When we get to this place in my trails we usually go left and head back home. To explore this part we have to go right.

Finally I talked my person into going right for a change.

And we were off – on a new expedition.

Bongo exploring a dry wash

At first I had a good time checking out all the new smells in this wash.

But then I saw something really strange.

A barkless tree.

Barkless tree

It’s a good thing this tree is not a dog. It would have a terrible time giving warnings in dog talk.

We headed up past that tree and kept on going.

And then I saw it.

Something I’ve never seen on my trails before.

I think somebody has been expecting me because…

Bongo by a stone wall

they started building me a house.

Whoever is building it must be coming back because they haven’t finished with it.

The walls are almost high enough for me, but the house still needs a roof.

I looked to see if I could see anyone around.

Bongo in front of stone structure

I don’t see anybody this way.

Bongo looking opposite direction in front of stone structure

Nobody over this direction either.

The house builder doesn’t seem to be around anywhere.

Bongo looking at stone structure

Guess I’ll go inspect the place.

As long as there’s no rain I can wait for the roof.


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