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Not the Toadies

Bongo tied on top of red rocksA couple days ago I posted about all the mischief that was done to me.

Well, I think I have to make an apology.

It’s really hard for me to apologize. I’m usually such a perfect dog that I rarely have anything to apologize for.

But I think I might have made one little mistake.

You see, I blamed the toadies for taking off with my puddle.

But upon further investigation I discovered that it might not have been those toadies at all.

And now I have a real mystery on my hands paws.

I’m going to need to wear two hats to solve this one.

Detective Dog

My Detective Dog hat.

Bongo wearing his Nature Dog hat

And my Nature Dog hat.

Somebody left behind some evidence. And it doesn’t look like those toadies took my puddle at all.

I even found that the toadies were getting into the evidence to help me investigate.

But if I’m reading the clues right, this has got to be the strangest creature I’ve ever seen.

It’s got two different kinds of feet – one foot is a paw, kind of like mine. The other is a hoof.

And to make matters more confusing, there was a smaller guy hanging around with this creature. Maybe if I find the little guy it will give me a clue about that strange creature.

The only animal around here that I know of with a hoof is a javelina.

Javelinas are strange enough on their own, but half a javelina? Now that’s really strange.

And what’s the other half? Maybe a coyote? So what is that?

A javeyote? Or maybe a coylina?

That settles it then. That little guy I’m looking for must be a jackelope.

Animal tracks in mud


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Bongo not movingI’ve got a complaint, and I should have posted this for Monday Mischief, but when someone pulls mischief on me, I’ve got to post it when it happens.

You see, my person tried to tell me everything was fine outside. I knew it wasn’t but she made me go.

My neighbor across the street was in on it too. He said there wasn’t any thunder.

But I knew it was coming. The wind was blowing, the clouds were dark, and I knew I would hear that awful noise any minute.

It even started raining. I swear I felt a drop or two.

I took my person into my wash because it seemed like the safest place.

But then it happened. The wind picked up and I heard a rumbly in the sky. Not loud, but it still meant business in my book.

Bongo trying to climb the rocks

I tried to get my person to head the safest direction, but for some reason she wouldn’t go for it.

More mischief on her part, I’m sure.

Since my person wouldn’t go up that hill there was only one direction to head – and it led straight to my toadies.

And you know what my person did?

She pulled more mischief on me!

Bongo tied to a dead tree

She tied me to a tree.

Bongo tied to and tangled on a tree

She tried to tell me it was so I wouldn’t trample the toadies.

Bongo looking down from the tree he's tied to

I’ll trample those toadies alright.

They’re pulling mischief on me too.

They took my puddle.

Tiny toads in mud

There were little toadies hopping around everywhere that my puddle used to be.

They seemed to be settling in.

Toads in a mud hut

They even had little toad houses.

This mischief has gone far enough.

I’m having it out with those toadies right now.

Those toadies are going to have to move and give me back my puddle.


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