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Somebody’s Missing

Bird on top of a treeI’ve been seeing lots of people, dogs, and birds on my trails lately. The birds are different than the summer birds, but there sure are a lot of them.

I even thought I was going to get to smell a rabbit, but I was surprised to find my own smell on that hair. I can’t help it if I shed in the winter. I wish my person would stop picking all the loose stuff out when we’re on my trails. How would you like it if someone kept picking at your butt?

I forgot where I was going with this. Something about smelly butts?

No, that wasn’t it. With everybody I’m seeing on my trails, there’s still somebody who’s missing. My younger person is home from college right now so he should be on my trails. We’ve been seeing his friends on my trails. Of course they recognized me and I got loves, but they wanted to know where my younger person was.

And so do I. How come he’s missing from my trails?

Next time I’m ready to go out I’m going to have to attach a leash to him and drag him out. I guess my person will be alright without a leash if I do that. I think I have her trained well enough. She’s not likely to run off.

Younger Person Missing Sign


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