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Bird Droppings

I’ve got another mystery going on. Right on my street this time. So I’ve put on my Detective Dog hat and I’m off to investigate.

Bongo with Detective Dog hat covering his eyesWhatever it is, it doesn’t seem to be in a hurry to leave, so I’ve got plenty of time for my investigation.

The man who walked by with his little dog seemed to be a bit concerned though. He told his dog to stay away from it and made a point of telling my person it was there.

I’m not sure why it isn’t leaving. These things usually don’t hang out when dogs start bothering them. I hardly ever even come across one.

Wait a minute. This thing isn’t moving at all. Does that mean it can’t move?

It can’t be dead because anything dead in the street is squashed flat. This is definitely not flat.

Maybe it’s playing dead, hoping it will be ignored.

I don’t think these guys are smart enough to do that though.

Maybe a bird accidently dropped it as it flew by.

That’s it! There’s some bird out there who knew I needed something to investigate so the bird dropped this right at the end of my driveway. Right where I would find it.

That bird must love me.

Bongo sniffing a dead bull snake


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Strange Visitors

Bongo with Toy SnakeWe had some visitors yesterday. Actually we had one visitor and then another visitor came over to see the first visitor. And they both stayed in the yard and didn’t come in the house to see me.

And my person didn’t let me out of the house to see them. I was not pleased.

At first I couldn’t figure out what my person was doing outside. She usually comes right in the house when she gets home from somewhere, but this time she hung around outside. I think she got her camera out, but I couldn’t see for sure. What could be so interesting outside our garage?

Then the neighbor came over. I don’t know this neighbor, but my person does. He comes up on weekends sometimes and stays at my friend Timmy’s house – the dog that lives across the street – but he doesn’t go for walks with Timmy so I just know Timmy’s regular people.

When a person that I don’t know comes in the yard I bark. I have to protect my house after all. So when this neighbor came over I jumped up and down on the couch in front of the window and barked.

You know what happened? My person ignored me. And I still didn’t know what they were doing out there.

My person finally came in the house and I found out what was going on. Someone had come up to the house to visit me and my person wouldn’t let my visitor inside the house. I am so bummed.

Bull Snake

Bull Snake

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