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Bird Tree

Tree full of birdsThe birds on my trails are mostly a transient population. (I don’t know what that means, but my person made me write it.)

Anyway, we get different birds around here all the time.

A few birds hang around here all year, like the quail and the scrub jays, but mostly the birds come and the birds go.

But we always seem to have some kind of birds hanging around here.

Today I was walking on my trails and I heard a bunch of those birds singing and when I looked up I noticed something strange.

Someone must have decided that those transient birds needed someplace to hang out, so they designated one of my trail trees as a bird tree.

Because that’s where all the birds were. They were hanging out on that one bird tree.

Birds on dead branches

But that tree got so full of birds that they must have had an overflow because they had to open up a second bird tree.

Across my trail from the first bird tree was another one.

Juniper tree full of birds

I wonder if this second bird tree is for second class birds – the birds that aren’t allowed in the first tree.

Those second class birds do seem to be hiding so it’s hard to see that they’re in there.

I guess it’s embarrassing to be a second class bird in a second class tree.

Juniper tree with birds and sunlight shining through

I’m sure glad I’m a dog and not a bird.

Bongo looking down the trail

Because all my trails are first class.


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