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Feathers on the groundAlright, what’s going on here? Some bird is dropping its feathers on my trail. This is not good. Not only is that bird littering up my trail, it’s missing a few feathers that it might need someday. I mean, birds need feathers to fly and it might need them to stay warm. We’ve got another storm coming our way.

I think I’d better get my Detective Dog hat and track down that bird so I can give it back its feathers.



Bongo looking cool with his Detective Dog hat on

That’s better. Now I’m ready to fly into this investigation.

Wait! No, I mean – what do I mean? Those feathers are too small for me. Besides I’m a dog. Dogs don’t fly. I’ve got to find out where this bird has flown off to.

many feathers on the ground

This is not good. My investigation has fluffed up more feathers. I’d better look around in these bushes. That bird can’t have gotten far without all its feathers.

Hmmm. No birds around here. Not even any telltale chirping sounds.

Methinks somebody has stolen that bird away. This is serious. This also complicates my investigation. It began with a few feathers littering my trail and now I’m looking for a birdnapper.

This could turn out to be dangerous.

But never fear, Detective Dog is here!

I always get my birdnapper.

Wait a minute. What if that bird got napped by a bear? Or a mountain lion?

Whatever it was, it scared the bejeebers out of that bird.

bird droppings and feathers

I’m heading home now. I’ll be back as soon as the reinforcements have finished my job.



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