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A Good Day

Bongo in front of the fence he jumpedToday was a good day.

I had one of the most fun adventures I’ve had in a long time.

Here’s what happened.

My person let me outside this morning and it was a beautiful morning.

Warm and sunny.

I wanted to stay outside.

Usually my person won’t let me stay outside by myself, but I curled up in a sunny spot looking innocent and she let me this time.

Something about being too busy to chase me all over the yard.

Usually I don’t like it when she’s too busy, but sometimes busy can be a good thing.

So she went back in the house and I couldn’t resist.

You see that fence behind me?

I jumped it.

And I was free!

I wandered around the neighborhood having a great time.

I think I saw my person’s car driving by after awhile.

Guess I should head back closer to home.

Oh, here comes my person walking out of the house now.

Oh great! Time to play chase.

Come on person. I’m right here across the street.

Bongo on the corner of the street

I love it when she comes after me.

I stay just far enough away so she can’t get me.

And look, she’s so insecure she can’t go anywhere without that leash in her hand.

I don’t want it attached to me so I think I’ll go say hi to the neighbor.

I’m sure he’s good for some loves.

Hey wait neighbor. You didn’t tell me you were in cahoots with my person.

That old grabbing me by the collar trick.

I fall for it every time.


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The Great Escape

Bongo in front of the fence he jumpedSince I moved to my forever home I’ve been finding some great ways to escape. I shared a couple of those with you last week. Unfortunately, my person caught on to my tricks and I wasn’t able to use them anymore.

Then I came upon the ultimate escape trick – and it all happened by accident. If we’ve been friends for awhile you probably know that I am deathly afraid of thunder. Well, one day some of my person’s family were here visiting and they left me in the backyard – and it started to thunder.

I wanted to get far away from that thunder but I was stuck in the yard. I was desperate and willing to try anything. So I gave a run for, and I jumped. I was able to grab on to the top of the fence and pull myself over. I was free!

And since I knew I could do that now I started doing it sometimes just for fun. If I got bored, I jumped. Even a couple times when I was hanging out in the yard with my person. She was just sitting around, pulling out all my treats weeds. So I decided to give her some exercise – and over I went.


Person, I don’t want to tell them that?

What do you mean you won’t type this up for me if I don’t?

Okay. One time when I jumped the fence my person caught me before I got over, but all she could get hold of was my back leg. And I couldn’t pull myself over the fence because she was holding on to my leg. So we were in limbo. No way was I going to get off the fence and let my person win, and she wouldn’t let go of my leg. But I made one mistake in my calculations. I jumped onto the part of the fence that opens.

My person opened that gate, got in front of me, and pushed me backwards. No fair!

But there are no pictures of this so my person can’t prove it’s true.

Now my person won’t let me stay in the yard by myself, and if it’s thundering she won’t even let me outside without a leash on.

I’ve got to come up with a new escape plan.

Any ideas, anybody?

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