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Who’s at the Door?

Bongo in front of the doorHey person, someone’s ringing the doorbell.

Hurry up. Open the door.

I’m sure it’s someone coming to visit me.

Someone who wants to give me loves and treats.

I’m drooling already, thinking about those treats I’m gonna get.

Hurry person!

Whoever it is won’t wait forever.


I must be famous!

I don’t even know the person at the door.

He must have heard about me from my blog and now he wants to meet me face to face.

Person, why aren’t you letting him in?

Why are you keeping me back from the door?

Are you jealous that he didn’t bring you treats? Because I’m sure he brought some for me.

Come on, let me through.



He’s gone?

You let him go?

He saw that I was here didn’t he?

Why did you let him go before I got my treats?

I don’t get it.

You are jealous, aren’t you?

You didn’t want me getting any treats when you weren’t.

He’s what!?

He’s running for City Council and he stopped by to ask us to vote for him?

That’s pretty nervy of him.

I’m not voting for anybody who doesn’t bring me treats.


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Cat Blogging

Gizmo lying on his backIt’s been really quiet lately.

No Bongo around.

Peaceful, but kind of boring.

Scratchy and Gizmo together on the futon

Hey Scratchy, check this out.

Bongo’s blog.

There aren’t any posts on it.

We can do whatever we want and he won’t notice.





Gizmo lying in front of the door

I think I’d better hang out by the door now.

I need some advance notice when Bongo comes back.


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Locked In

Bongo shut in a bedroomOh no. I’m in trouble now.

But it’s not my fault.

My person left me home alone – and there was thunder.

Well, it was quiet thunder – but it was thunder just the same.

And I needed to find a way to hide from it – or escape it.

None of the escape routes worked. I’m locked in the house.

I tried dragging things out so I could hide under them – but that didn’t work.

Then I tried my younger person’s room. The door was shut but I pushed it open.

Maybe I can hide in his closet.

And then it happened.

The door to my younger person’s room closed, with me still inside.

I don’t know how it happened. It must have a mind of its own.

I’m not supposed to be in here.

My younger person gets really upset if I come into his room. Something about hair or something.

What do I do now? I can’t get out.

Somebody’s going to find me.

Oh dear. I hear my person coming into the house now.

Maybe if I’m real quiet…

She’s calling for me. I can’t let her know I’m in here.

Maybe she’ll get busy cleaning up the mess I made and forget to look for me.

I’ll stay real quiet and maybe she’ll think I’m over at my neighbor dog Toby’s house.

Oops. The door’s opening.

She found me.

Bongo looking innocent

Person, I have no idea how I got in here.

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One to Many Walks

Bongo in the kitchen resisting his leashNo, person. I am not leaving the house!

There’s thunder out there.

Besides, I already had my walk today.

I don’t care if you didn’t.

You could have gone on your own walk. You left me for long enough.

It’s a good thing you left the front door open so I could escape.

And it’s a good thing my younger person stayed asleep in bed so he didn’t see me escape.

You want me to tell them the rest of the story?

I don’t want to. It’s too awful.

Oh, I thought you meant the thunder part.

Well, it all started a few days ago when our neighbor saw the devil cat in his yard.

Bobcat drawing

Apparently that devil cat bobcat has been lurking around because today when my person left the house she found a dead cat in our driveway.

And our neighbor found another one in his yard.

My person was so upset she didn’t close the front door when she left.

So now comes the really bad part.

What do you mean, that was the really bad part?

Like I said, the really bad part is coming.

Because it started thundering. And my person was gone. And my younger person was asleep with his door shut.

But I found the open front door and I was off down the street.

I met a really nice neighbor that I didn’t know before.

At least I thought he was nice. Until he called my person and ratted on me.

And then he took me back home and made me go in the house.

He could have at least stopped the thunder first.

So person, I don’t care what you say.

Bongo in the yard resisting his leash

I am not going on another walk today.


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Stranger at the Door

Bongo waiting at the doorWhen I hear a stranger come into my yard, or knock on my door I bark.

I figure that will keep any strangers who are up to no good away.

Sometimes my person will open the door for a stranger. I stand there right by her side to make sure she’s safe.

After all, that’s my job isn’t it?

Once I decide that the stranger is safe, what I’d really like to do is go out and get them to give me loves. Lots of loves.

But my person is always holding tight to my collar so I can’t go out.

I know she’s probably nervous about having a stranger at the door, but I wish she didn’t get that nervous. She’s got me by her side and once I’ve figured it’s safe to go out and get loves, my person should figure that I know what I’m doing and there’s no danger here.

I know who’s good to get loves from and who isn’t. I wish my person would realize that.

But sometimes a stranger comes knocking at the door that even I wouldn’t open the door for.

A stranger that even I would not want to get loves from – and I like to get loves from almost everyone.

But not this stranger.

Tumbleweed at the door

I think I’ll leave the door closed.


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Out the Front Door

Bongo Heading Out the DoorAfter those extra fence posts that I told you about yesterday were put up in my yard, I had to find another way to escape.

This time I made my move right out the front door. But I couldn’t do this just any old time. Front doors are hard and not possible for a dog to bust down. Even Super Dog can’t do it.

So I have to wait until my person opens the door.

When my person is walking out the door and I’m in the house her back is to me, and she doesn’t have a clue what I’m up to.

So now’s my chance. Quick, run right past her and out the door as fast as I can and out of her reach.

Then comes the fun part.

I have to stay just far enough away from my person so she can’t catch me. Twenty feet is usually good.

Bongo is out the door

Then when my person starts getting close I move another twenty feet away.

Most of the time I let her catch me after we’ve gone around the block. But I have gone up on my trails and made my person hike after me.

Unfortunately, my person caught on to this trick too. Now she walks out the door backwards so she can keep an eye on me. Maybe she’ll trip and I can get out anyway.

And she sometimes joins forces with my younger person when he’s around. Especially when there’s thunder and I really want out the door.

Holding Bongo from going out

Oh the life of a dog. It’s so hard to keep one step ahead of my people. Time to come up with something new.

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The Open Door

Scratchy at the open doorDo you believe it? My younger person was taking stuff from the house and putting it in his car tonight. Stuff he needed for that college place. And they locked me in the bedroom.

My people said they had to leave the door open and they didn’t want me running outside.

So what did they do? Well, they didn’t lock Scratchy in the bedroom with me. They let him have free reign of the house with that open door right there.

And the sad thing is that with all that wide open outside waiting to be explored, Scratchy stayed right at that open door and sniffed the door frame.

Scratchy sniffing the door frame

I suppose there might have been some good smells there, but there’s so many more smells further out. I’m so disappointed in Scratchy for not taking advantage of his situation. I would have been out that door in a shot. What’s wrong with Scratchy?

And when my people started heading back into the house…

Scratchy running into the house

Scratchy ran back in as fast as his little feet could take him. He does not know how to take advantage of a good situation.

I’ve got to convince my people that it’s Scratchy that needs to be locked in the bedroom and me that should be allowed by that open door.

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Big Brown

Brown TruckThere’s a big brown truck that comes by here some days. Sometimes it stops in front of my house and a person gets out. Sometimes she comes right up to my door. I don’t know what business that person has coming to my door. I don’t know her. I don’t think my people know her either.

When strangers come to my house I bark. I jump up on the back of the couch so I can see out the window and I bark and bark. Nobody’s coming to my house unless I allow it.

My person tries to get me to stop barking, but what does she know. Doesn’t she know I’m trying to protect her? After all, who knows what that person might be up to? Pretty suspicious – dressed in the same color as that truck. She probably thinks no one will notice her leaving the truck when she dresses that way. She thinks she will blend right in. But she doesn’t.

I must have made it clear to that person that she’s not wanted here because she comes up to the door and turns right around and leaves. She gets back in her truck and drives away.

Take that, you brown clothed person. Just try coming to my door again. I’ll show you who’s the boss around here.


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Gotta Run

Bongo is out the doorMy person left me home alone with Scratchy all morning and when she came back she brought a friend with her. I love it when friends come over to the house. I get really excited because now I have a new person to play with me. Sometimes my people get tired of playing with me, but I haven’t had a chance to wear out the new person yet.

Well, my person let me outside for a few minutes and did something on her computer, and then she and her friend did something unthinkable. They started heading out the front door. They’d only been here a few minutes and they were going to leave. I hadn’t even had a chance to give a slobbery ball to my person’s friend so she could throw it for me to catch. I mean, that’s dog abuse isn’t it? Leaving and taking the friend away before we’ve had a chance to play?

Well, I could play this game too. The friend was in front of my person at the door so I knew I had a chance and I took it. I ran for it and made it out the door before anyone could catch me. Off to the yard across the street I ran, and when my person came toward me I headed to the next block. She won’t be able to catch me until I’m good and ready to be caught. No sign of anybody and I’m having a great time. Running down the street and off on another side street.

Hey, here comes a vehicle and it’s stopping right next to me. Ride time. I don’t recognize the vehicle but I hear my person’s voice coming out of it. Guess I’ll just wait here until she lets me in.

Hey, wait a minute. They just drove me home, took me in the house, and left. What kind of justice is that? I want a do over.


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Out the Door

I'm not going out there!

I'm not going out there!

Yesterday both of my people left for the whole day. I have a special friend that comes over to let me out when my people leave for a long time. My friend showed up and I was happy to see her, but she wanted me to go outside. I had just heard thunder rumbling in the distance and there was no way I was going out there. No way at all.

I guess my friend didn’t know what to do because she pulled out this little box and started talking in it. I could hear my person’s voice coming out of that box. Darn. My person must have told my friend all her tricks because the next thing my friend did was to put my leash on me and drag me out the front door. I tried to resist. I resisted so hard that my collar came off, but she was persistent. She put it back on me and dragged me out that door anyway.

I did my business and she let me go back inside and then she tried to leave. Oh, no you don’t. There’s no way you’re leaving me alone when there’s thunder. I tried to run out that door with her and that trapped her. She couldn’t leave without me getting out. Ah ha. Gotcha! You’ve got to stay with me until I say so. My friend got out that little box again and I heard my person’s voice. I was listening to my person’s voice when my friend snuck out that door. Without me!


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