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Warning Bark

Bongo in the darkFinally, my person figured it out.

I’ve been trying to warn her the last few nights and all she does is tell me to come back in the house.

She doesn’t even know what my bark is for.

It’s not like I bark up a storm.

Just one warning bark when they walk by.

And then my person tells me to come in.



You see, we’ve been having some visitors the last few nights.

And when I’m hanging outside in the evenings I hear them walking by on the other side of my fence.

But my person had no idea what my warnings were – until she went out to her car one night and found them there.

Right in my front yard.

And the next day she found something else.

They’d made their own path right on the side of our house.

This is my yard.

I’m the only one allowed to make trails in it.

I’d better send my person on inspection treks around the house more often.


Finally, my person heeded my warning.

She checked the front yard and found them out there again.

Javelinas in the yard

Hey person, you managed to get the light on me in the dark.

What was your problem with those javelinas?


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Who’s the Boss?

Drawing of Little Dog BarkingI hope none of my blogging friends who are little dogs get offended by this, but today I was minding my business on my trails when a little dog walked by. And you know what that little dog did? That dog barked and barked at me as if he was the boss and he could take me on.

Well, I finished putting my scent on a bush and then I decided I was going to show that little dog who was really the boss. After all, I could walk right over that dog and not even notice he was there – except for the barking, that is.

So I decided not to waste any time and headed for that little dog full speed. I didn’t make it. Boing! I hit the end of my leash. And all this time that little dog kept barking at me.

Okay person, I guess you’re the boss today – but your arm is going to be sore tomorrow.

Oh, and person, we need to have a talk about not humiliating me in front of little dogs. This could really spoil my reputation.

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Big Brown

Brown TruckThere’s a big brown truck that comes by here some days. Sometimes it stops in front of my house and a person gets out. Sometimes she comes right up to my door. I don’t know what business that person has coming to my door. I don’t know her. I don’t think my people know her either.

When strangers come to my house I bark. I jump up on the back of the couch so I can see out the window and I bark and bark. Nobody’s coming to my house unless I allow it.

My person tries to get me to stop barking, but what does she know. Doesn’t she know I’m trying to protect her? After all, who knows what that person might be up to? Pretty suspicious – dressed in the same color as that truck. She probably thinks no one will notice her leaving the truck when she dresses that way. She thinks she will blend right in. But she doesn’t.

I must have made it clear to that person that she’s not wanted here because she comes up to the door and turns right around and leaves. She gets back in her truck and drives away.

Take that, you brown clothed person. Just try coming to my door again. I’ll show you who’s the boss around here.


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