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Stranger at the Door

Bongo waiting at the doorWhen I hear a stranger come into my yard, or knock on my door I bark.

I figure that will keep any strangers who are up to no good away.

Sometimes my person will open the door for a stranger. I stand there right by her side to make sure she’s safe.

After all, that’s my job isn’t it?

Once I decide that the stranger is safe, what I’d really like to do is go out and get them to give me loves. Lots of loves.

But my person is always holding tight to my collar so I can’t go out.

I know she’s probably nervous about having a stranger at the door, but I wish she didn’t get that nervous. She’s got me by her side and once I’ve figured it’s safe to go out and get loves, my person should figure that I know what I’m doing and there’s no danger here.

I know who’s good to get loves from and who isn’t. I wish my person would realize that.

But sometimes a stranger comes knocking at the door that even I wouldn’t open the door for.

A stranger that even I would not want to get loves from – and I like to get loves from almost everyone.

But not this stranger.

Tumbleweed at the door

I think I’ll leave the door closed.


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