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Too Busy

Bongo looking cuteI hope nobody missed me yesterday.

You see, I had some important things to do and I ran out of time to tell you about my latest adventures.

I was busy…

I was busy doing…

What was I busy doing?

Oh yeah.

I had some important things to do.

Very important stuff.



Bongo with a tennis ball in his mouth

Like playing ball.

So I hope you understand that sometimes there’s stuff that’s just more important than posting to my blog.



What do you mean, I did post on my blog yesterday?

I didn’t post anything. I’m sure of it.

I’d better check.

Gizmo sitting up with his legs out


What are you doing on my blog?

Don’t ever get on my blog again!

It’s my blog. Mine!

As soon as I catch you I’m giving you what for.

Gizmo inside a cubby

Don’t even think you can escape by hiding in that cubby.


I’m going back to guard the computer now.

Will someone please let me know when Gizmo jumps down?


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What Good is Busy?

Bongo and Julie playing on the trailBusy, busy, busy.

Most of the time I don’t like that word – especially when my person says it.

When she says that word she usually leaves the house and leaves me home alone. Well, with Scratchy but he doesn’t count.

If she does stay home with that word she ignores me and won’t play.

And today she said it was one of those busy days.


Two meetings and a wedding and a class. She could have taken me along, but no she didn’t.

But today something good came out of busy.

This time of year we rarely go for walks in the morning – we usually wait until later in the afternoon.

But all of my person’s busies were later in the day so I had to take her for a walk in the morning.

We haven’t been on a morning walk since it was hot last summer, but someone I know goes on morning walks – and I haven’t seen her since last summer.

But I saw her today.

My girlfriend Julie!

And something else happened too.

My person has never unhooked my leash while we’re on my trails.

But she did today.

I guess she didn’t want me and Julie to tangle her up.

Bongo and Julie playing


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