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Too Busy

Bongo looking cuteI hope nobody missed me yesterday.

You see, I had some important things to do and I ran out of time to tell you about my latest adventures.

I was busy…

I was busy doing…

What was I busy doing?

Oh yeah.

I had some important things to do.

Very important stuff.



Bongo with a tennis ball in his mouth

Like playing ball.

So I hope you understand that sometimes there’s stuff that’s just more important than posting to my blog.



What do you mean, I did post on my blog yesterday?

I didn’t post anything. I’m sure of it.

I’d better check.

Gizmo sitting up with his legs out


What are you doing on my blog?

Don’t ever get on my blog again!

It’s my blog. Mine!

As soon as I catch you I’m giving you what for.

Gizmo inside a cubby

Don’t even think you can escape by hiding in that cubby.


I’m going back to guard the computer now.

Will someone please let me know when Gizmo jumps down?


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Pick up the Ball

Bongo with a tennis ball in his mouthMy little buddy came over today!

I was so excited when I saw him. He hasn’t been over here in a very long time.

Time to play ball!

My little buddy tossed the ball to me and I slobbered it up and brought it back.

And he tossed it again.

What fun! I could do this all day.

Wait! What are you doing?

You don’t need to get my younger person’s legos out of the garage?

Aren’t I more fun to play with than legos?

Tennis ball on legos that little buddy is playing with. Bongo waiting

Pick up the ball. Pick up the ball.

Forget about those legos. Come on, the ball’s right there.

Little Buddy looking at the camera. Bongo looking at the tennis ball.

What are you doing now?

Stop looking at the camera. Can’t you see the ball?

It’s right here next to you.

Little buddy patting Bongo's head while Bongo stares at the ball

No, don’t look at me. The ball, the ball.

Well yeah, I like loves but I want the ball.

All I want to do is catch the ball.


Boy playing with legos. Bongo in the background chewing his ball.

I don’t know what it is with people these days.

All I wanted was a little game of catch.

Those legos aren’t even good for chewing on and slobbering up.

I’m not sure what my little buddy sees in those things, but…

I give up.


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Change of Plans

Bongo pulling against his leashI don’t know what my person is thinking. She keeps wanting to go for walks on my trails, and for the last few days I’ve been telling her it’s not safe there.

There’s thunder out there.

I guess my person doesn’t understand the danger of thunder.

Which is why she needs me to keep her safe.

So when she kept insisting we should go on my trails I really had to put my feet down.


Bongo pulling hard against his leash

Finally I got through to her.

I took her for a walk around the block instead.

I got to meet some dogs that I don’t usually see on my trails.

Well, they barked at me through their fence anyway.

I riled up Kaiser and Lica and they barked at me from inside their house. And while my person stopped to talk to their person their cat was sneaking peeks at me from the yard.

What? Wait a minute! I didn’t see that cat.

You mean I missed a perfectly good opportunity to chase a cat.

I’d better take my person on more walks around the block.

I had a great time walking around the block today, but I don’t think my person liked it so much.

Bongo in front of a Foreclosure sign

Because she put me up for foreclosure.

What’s foreclosure?

Is that related to golf?

Golf balls aren’t much fun to play with.

Tennis balls are better.

And they have love in tennis.

Could you change that sign, person?

Tennis balls and loves. Woo woo! What a combination!

Let’s go around the block again – as soon as that new sign goes up.


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Whose Blog is this Anyway?

Cactus FlowerHey person, what do you think this is, a nature photography blog? This is my blog after all, and I don’t want any pictures of those dumb cactus flowers on it. I mean, what are they good for? You can’t even see if they smell good because if you try you might get pricklers up your nose. And I know they’re not good for eating. I wouldn’t even think of taking a bite. And you know me, I eat almost anything.




Now look at this. A tennis ball, waiting for me, right in the middle of my trail. Now that’s something to put on my blog. It’s not every day that a tennis ball shows up. Here’s a newsworthy item. Take a picture of it.

Bongo Sniffing a Tennis Ball

Hey, what are you doing taking more pictures of that stupid cactus? You’re taking more pictures of that than my tennis ball. C’mon, I need more pictures of the tennis ball.

Tennis Ball

Okay, I’ll let you put one more picture up. Only because I need you to help me write my blog. That picture there. You can put that one up. That cactus has personality. It looks like a Transformer.

Transformer Cactus


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Toy on the Trail

Bongo found a ballHey, check it out. Someone left their tennis ball on my trail. Cool!

I wonder why they did that. Why would anyone leave a valuable tennis ball sitting in the middle of the trail? If they took it this far, wouldn’t they want to take it all the way? I wouldn’t think they would want to lose it.

Maybe someone tossed the ball to a dog and the dog thought it went in the bushes and couldn’t find it. Or maybe the dog saw one of those pesky squirrels and dropped the ball to go chasing the squirrel – and then couldn’t find the ball again.

Or maybe that dog’s person told him to drop it. No, that couldn’t be. People don’t make their dogs drop their toys and leave them. My person only makes me drop my toys so I don’t take them outside.

Well, maybe I’ll take that ball with me. Maybe I’ll find the dog it belongs to and I can give it back. I’m sure that dog would be happy to get his ball back.

Ball left on trail

I think maybe that dog will find his ball if I leave it here.


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