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Slacking Again

Brown DogAwhile back I wrote about a dog I found who wasn’t doing her job.

You can check that story out here.

You see, she was out on my trails without giving a person a walk.

And that’s one of a dog’s jobs.

We’ve got to give our people exercise.

So today, guess who I saw.

The same brown dog slacking on the job again.

She was out having a great time all by herself.

At least she was friendlier this time.

Brown dog with Bongo

Oooh! I think I might have found a new girlfriend.

If she doesn’t have a person to give a walk to, she can help me give my person walks.

I was getting really excited at the thought of having a new girlfriend that would help out in the walk department when someone showed up.

It was my new girlfriend’s friend’s person.

And another dog too.

So much for that plan.

I wonder if there are any other cute girl dogs running around by themselves on my trails.


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Slacking on the Job

Bongo on the trail with his leash stretched behind himYou see what’s attached to me?

No, no! Not the leash.

Well, I guess you can’t see what’s attached to my leash, but you can probably figure it out.

My person is on the other end of it.

It’s kind of a burden sometimes but it’s one of my jobs.

I’ve got to take her out so she can get her exercise.

I thought all dogs had this on their job description.


But I found one today who doesn’t seem to think so.

Brown dog hiding in the bushes

Who is that hiding in the bushes?

I wonder if she ditched her person by going places her person couldn’t follow.

Brown Dog

Here she comes.

Hey brown dog, if you’d stay on the trail like me you could be doing your dogly duty and giving your person exercise.

Brown Dog on the trail

Say what?

Don’t tell me what to do.

It’s a little late to be hitting the trail now.

Where is your person anyway?

Brown dog walking away

Fine. Be that way.

What is it with these personless brown dogs anyway?

It seems to be turning into an epidemic around here.


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