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Arizona Mushrooms

Bongo standing near mushroomsCheck this out, person. What are these? They look kind of like large marshmallows.

I’m not supposed to eat these marshmallows? I bet they taste good. We could put them in s’mores.

I’ve never seen marshmallows like these on my trails before. I wonder where they came from.

They’re what? Mushrooms! We don’t have mushrooms in Arizona. It’s too dry here. I’ve never seen mushrooms on my trails before. Someone must have left these here. They weren’t here yesterday. I’d better go find that person and see if they want their mushrooms back. They’d probably be really happy with me if I helped them find their mushrooms.

You think they grew here, person? Come on. Arizona has a dry heat. I don’t think mushrooms grow in dry heat.

What kind of weather have we had lately? We’ve had that terrible, scary thunder and lots of rain.


Do you think the rain made those mushrooms grow?

There’s just one thing I want to know then.

If rain can make the mushrooms grow here, do you think it could make marshmallows grow too?



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