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Berries too Early

Bongo checking out a manzanita bush with berriesWhat’s this?

These aren’t supposed to be here yet.

What are berries doing while it’s still winter?

All the other Manzanita bushes still look like this.





Bongo next to a manzanita bush full of blossoms

What? You can’t tell the difference?

Well then, check this out.

Manzanita blossoms


All the other bushes are still covered in blossoms.

So where did all these berries come from?

I’d better do something to hide these berries from my person.

Bongo in front of the bush with berries

If she sees them she’ll have her camera out in no time.

And she’s going to have plenty of time to take pictures of berries without starting now.

Hey person, look over there.

Don’t look this way.

There’s nothing interesting here.

Person, what is your camera doing out?

What could you possibly find here to take pictures of?

Manzanita Berries

This is going to be a long picture taking season.


Bongo Fact: Manzanita means Little Apple

Can you tell why these bushes are named Manzanita?


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Day Two – No Blue

Bongo on the trail on a gray dayThis is the second day in a row with gray skies. That’s got to be some kind of record for here.

I really don’t mind the weather.

It’s not windy, and not too cold.

Actually a really good day for a walk on my trails.

The only problem is that nobody else seems to think so.

I didn’t meet a single person or dog on my walk today.


And without other people or dogs it’s kind of hard to have adventures sometimes.

So I had to look for something else adventurous.

I didn’t find much.

Purple berries against a gray sky

Some berries enjoying the gray day.

Mushroom with a face

And a mushroom with a face.

Well, I thought I saw a face on it, but my person had to enhance (is that an adventurous word – enhance?) the eyes so that you could see them too.

So much for adventures today.

Guess I’ll go take a nap.

Bongo Sleeping


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