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Arizona Mushrooms

Bongo standing near mushroomsCheck this out, person. What are these? They look kind of like large marshmallows.

I’m not supposed to eat these marshmallows? I bet they taste good. We could put them in s’mores.

I’ve never seen marshmallows like these on my trails before. I wonder where they came from.

They’re what? Mushrooms! We don’t have mushrooms in Arizona. It’s too dry here. I’ve never seen mushrooms on my trails before. Someone must have left these here. They weren’t here yesterday. I’d better go find that person and see if they want their mushrooms back. They’d probably be really happy with me if I helped them find their mushrooms.

You think they grew here, person? Come on. Arizona has a dry heat. I don’t think mushrooms grow in dry heat.

What kind of weather have we had lately? We’ve had that terrible, scary thunder and lots of rain.


Do you think the rain made those mushrooms grow?

There’s just one thing I want to know then.

If rain can make the mushrooms grow here, do you think it could make marshmallows grow too?



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Official Trail Guide

Bongo Leading New Friend on the TrailsWoo woo! I’m official now. I’m really an official trail guide. I got to lead my friend who came to visit me on my trails today. I made her hold on tight to my leash so she wouldn’t get lost.








But I had to have a lot of patience with her. I tried to run so she could see as much of my trails as possible before it got dark, but whatever I did, I couldn’t get her to run with me. I kept having to wait for her.

Bongo Looking Back

I showed my friend where all the good smells are. I tried to get her to check them out for herself, but she just wouldn’t do it. I can’t figure out why. She’s missing out on the best part of the tour.

Bongo smelling something while friend waits

I wanted to make sure my friend got the full Arizona experience, so I made sure she brushed against some cactus.

Prickly Pear Cactus

I’m not sure why it’s so important to people, but my person said to make sure I took my new friend where she could see lots of red rocks, so I even took her to see the best scenic views.

Sedona Red Rocks at Sunset

But I seem to be having a problem now. My official fee for giving tours of my trails is lots of loves, but I wore my new friend out so much that she doesn’t have any energy left to give them to me. Next time I give a tour I’m collecting my fee in advance.


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Left Behind Again

Drawing of Horse at Monument ValleyMy person went off again, and she took her laptop with her. My younger person won’t let me use his. How am I supposed to write my blog?

What? I’m writing it? What do you mean? I can’t write it. I don’t have a computer.

Oh yeah. My person wants me to tell you she helped me plan ahead. She knew she wasn’t going to leave her computer with me because she wanted to take it with her. And I can’t write about my adventures with my younger person before I’ve had them, so we’re doing something different.

A long time ago my friend Rumpy asked if I would let my person post some of her art work, so I thought I would be nice to her and let her do some of that this week. I’m being picky though. I told her she could do animals, or stuff we’ve seen on my walks. That’s it.

So what does my person do? She doesn’t even have any dog pictures, so she gave me one of a horse.

Yeah, I’ll tell them person. She says she was in Monument Valley a long time ago – before she got me – and took a photo that she really liked, so she finally decided to draw it. Monument Valley is on the Navajo Reservation near the border of Arizona and Utah. She says this horse had Navajo blankets and tassels on it.

Hey person, I could use a comfy Navajo blanket to lie on while I’m waiting for you to come back home.


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Happy Birthday Arizona

Arizona Flag with HeartsHappy Valentine’s Day Birthday Arizona. I know it’s Valentine’s Day today, and I think I’ll go look for some cute girls to get some loves from – but my person told me it’s also Arizona’s birthday. She says it’s Arizona’s hundredth birthday – something called a Centennial.

Okay person, I don’t know what centennial means but if you’re asking, I don’t have ten cents to give you. Maybe you should increase my allowance – at least give me more doggie treats.

My person has been really busy on her computer the last few days and not paying much attention to me. Okay, she did stop and take me out on my trails. She says she was working on a presentation for her church on the Christian history of Arizona because it’s the Centennial. Person, I told you I don’t have any money.

She told me about this town named Tombstone that she learned some new things about. Have you heard of Tombstone? It’s kind of famous but I’ve never been there. My person says she and my younger person have – before they got me. My person says they’ve made lots of movies about Tombstone. Wyatt Earp and Doc Holliday lived there, and that’s where they had the shootout at the OK Corral.

Person, is this an animal story? Why are you telling me this?

Horses? They had horses? Okay. I guess that’s good enough.

My person says Tombstone had lots of miners, cowboys, and gunslingers, – and horses, but they had something else too. She says the very first Protestant church in Arizona was built there.

Person, wouldn’t all those tough guys beat up the church people?

Really? My person says the priest who oversaw the building of the church was a boxer and nobody wanted to mess with him.

What??? You mean that church was started by a dog!!!?


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Snow Day

Bongo with Frisbee in the SnowYipee! It’s a snow day. My person says the last thing people usually think about when they think of Arizona is snow. She says they think of deserts and cactus – but snow ??? Well, I want to tell you I live in that other part of Arizona. The part nobody thinks about. The part that gets snow – and today we have snow.

The first thing I did when my person let me outside was eat some of it. Not too much. I need to save some to play in. I promise, it wasn’t yellow snow that I was eating. Remember, I said it was the first thing I did when I went out.

My absolute favorite thing to do in the snow is drag my Frisbee around. It slides so well on that slippery white stuff. But I had a problem. Last night before it started snowing I left my Frisbee outside. Now it’s not going to be so easy to find. But wait – here it is!

My person says in dog years I’m getting up there. But I don’t believe her. I’m still a puppy when it comes to snow.


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