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Washington Weather

Bongo and Friends

Bongo and Friends – No Sister in the Picture

My person’s sister and some friends from Washington State came here to visit me. It was really great except for two things. I thought they would want to have some Arizona weather while they were here – but they decided to bring their weather with them.





Sedona Under Clouds

Washington weather visiting Sedona

It’s been sunny every day for about a month and it’s supposed to be sunny again tomorrow, but while they were here we had rain. And thunder. I don’t know where that thunder came from, but it kept up most of the night.

And the second thing was – they captured my person and took her with them, and they didn’t take me. They came all the way here to visit me and they left me at home.

They went to a place where there wasn’t any rain to see a castle that was owned by some dude named Montezuma. Nobody lives there anymore. I can see why. I think somebody stole the stairs.

Montezuma's Castle

I guess God finally decided that we’d had enough rain here and it was time to send it back to Washington, because when they headed back to Sedona they saw a rainbow holding up the rain so it couldn’t hit the ground.

Rainbow beyond the highway


Are you people done traveling around for awhile? My turn now.

Bongo on his back


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